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HINGHAM. MA 02043 


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Scptciribcr 10, 1993 



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Robert Thomas Achille 

" There is not any obstacles that 
chevy's can't conquer"- hunting, 
fishing, 4 wheeling, kicks..., riding 
bikes behind the dump, Baker's Hill, 
Barbutos Garage "Traces" 92' - 94' 
Mom and Dad it was tough but I did 
it. "Thanks" Class of 1994. 

Rachael Marie Achille 

I'm going to miss my friends I made 
in Hingham, but will be happy to 
not have to come back again. 

Christina Agostino 

Well I made it! Didn't think I ever 
could do it without a little help from 
friends and family! 

IMIchael Agostino 

Destiny is in yourown hands if you 
don't prepare now you won't be 
content in the future. So leave no 
rock unturned and no door closed 
because under that rock or behind 
thatdooryoumightjust find your life. 

Justin Edward Amaral 

"Learn as if you were to live forever, 
live as if you were to die tomorrow." 
Pits, Keg's, Doyle's Basement. 
Colonial. B-Boys;UMA/RP. NH-93 
Ed's H-Dogs. MV. NH-step up to the 
mic. S-bird,Dove. Football-21 -the 
wolf. Lax-26.Thanks-CB,JH,EA,JM, 
AH.ES.EF, the girls of '94 esp. KL. 

John Alfred Anderson 

Johnny A. My Jo 
Being a track all-star gives you a 
warm feeling inside. CC pasta feast, 
car roof surfin', NYC, , 360 kooshing, 
drama fest, gym volleyball, jell-o 

Good luck Class of '94. 
Be young, have fun, drink Pepsi. 

Steven Kurt Anderson 

Steve, Beeve 
"The future is uncertain and the end 
is always near."J.M.-wompee- 
field-Christain's pit-Hymie's pit- 
Brandon's pit- Brook-Great Woods- 
summer '93-New Year's 10th 
grd.(lockes)-Halloween 1 1th grd.- 
Thanx Mom,Dad,Chrissy,Jeff,and 
the good Lord above! 

Shelly Marie Arkell 

"Two roads diverged in a wood,and 
l-l took the one less traveled by, And 
that made all the difference."Sarah- 
1,2,3..Woo!Lets dance vitamin 
C.Melca-Chili's '93 Rolls, White as a 
ghost. Monica-tea time,fashion 
police feed my rolls.Too 
bad.. Daomn. Good luck Class of '94. 


Eric J. Augur 

"Have as much fun as you can now 
you only have one High School 
career." MV-NH-Doyles-Keggs 
Basement Beasties 92-The cruise F- 
Ball #50 Thanl^s to my friends Chip- 
and the 94 girls especially Dana you 
made this fouryears great-Thanks 

Steven Baker 

"If nothing else, just have fun." 
Student Council, the rocks, REDI, 
Steve's house, J-Prom, laughing, the 
cats. Lax, Webbs Canobie Lake, the 
Cape, Red's roof, 1 0's the limit, the 
Malibu, doing the Amy. 

Christie Lynn Baldacchino 

Chris, Blondie 
So quickly the time passed, it's now 
time to say goodbye. I take with me 
the memories, both the good and 
the bad. It's time for the real 
world, I hope we all make it. I Love 
You Dan! Remember the good 
times, life's short so live it up. 

Anthony Robert Barbuto 

Loud music, lots of bass, 
Checking out all the girls on the 
beach. You can drive over me buti 
am driving under you. Mom, Dad it 
was hard but I did it. 2714522 

Elizabeth M. Barry 

Though the distance between us 
may pull us apart we'll always be 
together in memories of our hearts. 
Florida, France, Cancun-nohm's, 
NH-FF, TT#2cam? 
SoccerKSrevenge, lax, Hill-GH, 
Cape? JP, Kegs's, SS-CBPD? WnD, 
Uhoh-hi Mrs. C. BOIDGE-I'll miss 
you guys! Good Luck Class of '941 

Christopher A. Bartoiotti 

In the middle of the night 

I go walking in my sleep 

Through the desert of truth 

To the river so deep 

We all end in the ocean 

We all start in the streams 

We're all carried along 

By the river of dreams "Billy Joel" 

Renee Elizabeth Bellew 

Follow your dreams and find 
confidence within your heart. Believe 
In yourself and you will find success. 
Thanksforthe memories MS, DL, 
LE, DJ, AF, AA, LT. Thanks Mom. 
Dad, Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan. Mike, 
there's just "something about you" 
...1-4-3 always! 

Nicole Lynn Belushko 

Nikki, Nik 
Sometimes you have to lose control 
to realize you have some. Reality 
begins by following your heart. To 
all the good times-when it is too 
easy-hold me down. Boston, Texas, 
Hilltop, Graveyard, Bluebomber, 
Prom, Grapes, Homeless Children, 
Attic, N.F.C., Concerts, Freedom- 
This is our time! 94 Rules 

Julie Berman 

"Just wait and see, I remember 
those words and how they chided 
me, when patient was the hardest 
thing to be" The Maniacs; grapes, 
concerts/Phish+Gd, hotel, camels, 
mighty Buick, Boni? 7-3-93, 
STRESS! PJ-To my best friend, 
thank you! Mom, Dad, Corey, and 
Joey, you are the best family, I 
Love You. 

Sarah Jane Blowers 

"Friends are friends forever if the 
Lords are Lord of them. Though it's 
hard to let you go in the farthest 
ends we'll know that a lifetime's not 
too long to live as friends." Remem- 
ber? Steve's house. Harbor. 
Headlights! What are we doing? 
Spain - MA. Prom. SENIOR YR - 
Into the great wide open... 

Michael Bonglorno 

"The Godfather of Soul" 
"What's the story with that gabidge? 
Don't think about the future, it comes 
soon enough." (Thank God it's all 
over.) "If I had some time I'd use it 
this time. Escape to something 
beautiful, Cause under this steel and 
rust and all this stuff.. .there is 
chrome just shining chrome "-C.W. 

David Boretti 

Stan the Man, Maffia Man 
"Its a party in my head"Johnny and 
the Johnnys were so slick! The 
shows, all night parties. Jams were 
fly! Maybe everyone will meet in 
the future and get a huge 
Hackcircle going and all smoke. I'm 
so glad to get rid of this school "the 
bats have left the belltower"!!! 

Chip Brackley 

"Play every game like it's your last, 
because it just might be." 9-18-93, 
F-Ball-22,Lax-24. Jim, Hym and all 
the rest. You know where the parties 
at, Huden, Ed's, H-Dogs, and 
nothing but socks! Meo, Flourishing, 
91,L+S, Bird. "Grab the gusto while 
you can, because you're only here 

Caryn Broolcs 

The environment is everything, 
including our home. So duh?! Have a 
clue and help a little. Thank you for 
not littering. Kung-Fu kicks butt! Get 
it? Ha! Kicks butt?!Oh, nevermind. 
Hayaa! Than, I will kung-Fu you, 
butthead. Ha, Ha, Ha! (cynical 
laugh.) Trees, Trees!! See Ya! I am 

Jennifer Lynne Brown 

"My heart lifted my feet and I 
danced."..,"A lifetime of memories 
and not a minute of regret." Always 
remember"Oh What a Night," Junior 
Prom, Nutcracker, Boston, and KK. 
"This is only the end of the 

Thomas Richard Buba 

"Never give up, never give up, never 
now a memory, and it's a good one. 
Soccer-The Rocks-Marshfield- 
There's a man outside named Mr. 
Smith-lamp post-Workcamp-Junior 
Prom. Thanx Ash-Liss-Mark-Joe- 
Chris-AS-AB-and everyone else. 
Love you Mom, Dad, Nic, Sarah. 


Lionel Busschaert 

Hi ! I fly above the sky a country in 
my left hand , right! HHS opened 
its heart and is giving me an 
american way . Don't forget it! 
To the peace , AFS walk with me ... 
so thanks to both my families and I 
still love Naomi ... 

Jennifer Callaghan 

I break all slighter bonds, nor fell a 
shadow of regret: Is there one link 
within the past that holds thy future 

Heather Mary Callahan 

"There is only one success-to be 
able to spend your life your own 
way" Here's to Jr. girls, we're true 
blue... PRS, 4am-Cape, blue mouth, 
W.Woods, v-ball-harbor, campout, 
SU, 1,2,3, times a lady... Sunday 
nites, 2-18-93, Stars, harbor talks, 
nawthin' I love you Mom, Dad +Jeff. 

LIbby Erin Callahan 

Lib Libbs 
"I've learned that the best way to 
appreciate someone is to be without 
them for a while." I miss you mom. 
Good luck Class of 1994! 

Allison McDonough Campbell 

"To all the times I have loved and all 
the times I have cried both w/those 
who loved me & alone" Summer 
vacations, Table Talk L3 me?/LAX/ 
Cruise/Homecoming'92LR SHUT 
UP/Fox'93/ Prom '91'92/Jr. Prom, 
Keg's/ N.H./"The years passed as if 
they were seconds"THANKS TO MY 

Christopher David Cappella 

Drinking the blood of your enemies 
makes you strong. 

The Ogre Brothers kill for SATAN!!! 

Julio Caraballo 

This year I learned to appreciate my 
country, the Dominican Republic, 
and the great values that my family 
taught me when I was a kid. Also, to 
love The United States and this 
town. Now I just can say that this 
AFS year has been wicked 
awesome! Los extranare mucho a 

Melissa Baynes Carpenter 

If you have built castles in the 
air,your work need not be lost, that is 
where they should be. Now put the 
foundations under them. - Thoreau/ 
Lax / FH / Spag. Club / Junior Prom / 
Apo;ogies at B's ? Extreme Season / 
Junior Prom /Apologies at B's / 
Extreme season/ Lolo's Burp!/ 
Walden Woods / No spare?/ 
Summer '93/ The Rocks/ Screen?/ 


Peter Carpenter 

This isn't my real quote, but I don't 
need a bunch of words written under 
my picture to remind me of all the 
great times I've had. Thanks Jon, 
Jamie, Tom, f^/laGoo, Mark, D, 
Steve, Greg, Skeets, and everyone 
close who has been part of my life. 

Joel Henry Ciovacco 

"Time goes, you say? Ah no! Alas, 
time stays, we go. "-Austin Dobson 

Dawn Marie Cleverly 

"You never thought you'd see this 
day! The good times are still coming 
GV, EL, BL, DK, CP, EH, SA. 
Ghettos, TH, NY City-2, Big Fun, 
Boston. Eve-Susp-This Haul's for u! 
Erik+Ricky- 1 Luv U! TG- Your luv-l 
luv U! Mom-Forgive, but don't forget I 
still love you. 

Hilary Ann Colantonio 

Camille, HI! 
I always knew I would look back on 
my tears and laugh, but I never 
thought I'd look back on my laughter 
and cry! SCOUT, UNH(Still'Sat), Rl 
8/14/93 (LK/ NV), Terminator (SD), 
BOSTON, stoney B's, Great Woods, 
Camcorder(NV! LK KL), NH, Jan ZZ, 
1993 no more F.H., FH Camp N.V. 
TCBY (b-rm-lewoods) I'LL MISS IT 

Joseph Linsley Colclough 

Flame Doc 
" The lord is my shepherd; I shall 
want nothing. He makes lie down in 
green pastures, and leads me 
besides the waters of peace. He 
renews life within me... goodness 
and love unfailing, these will follow 
me all the days of my life." 
Psalm 23 1-3, 6 

William H. Collins IV 

"If you play a game you should play 
to win". Fishing and hunting with 
the Achilles,Barbuto's,Baseball"93- 
94""chevy's rock"but the Isuzu will 
never die."Thanks for the memories 
HHS it was fun" Class of "1994" 

Kathleen Connolly 

Graduation is not an end but a 
challenging new start, a chance to 
chase the dreams that you hold 
within your heart, a step into the 
future toward achievement and 
success, a wonderful beginning to a 
life of happiness. 

Megan Marie Connolly 

"I've conquered my past, the future's 
here at last"-U2 glitch!!! Virginia, 
New York, Washington. . .U2x2 in 
'92! Que es una prueba? Barney!. . 
.Black and gold with Lib. . .Harvard 
Square and Boston. . ."We got to do 
something about where we're going"- 
U2 Good luck Class of 1994! 


Michael James Conway 

Godfather of Soul 
Hate, hate your enemies, save, save 
your friends, find.find your place , 
speak, speak the truth. 

When the sun had risen further the 
old man realized that the Fish was 
not tiring. 

Patricia L Costello 

"Even the best of friends can't 
always be together, but the 
memories we shared will last 
forever." NH-93,JP,Canary 
Islands, Kegs'-England, the 
Pits, Egg's, Greatwoods-key-2? 
PromdateU.M. Snowball-II.Martina- 
NH-Dux-Bos,Fox-12,late night 
basement, Good luck Class of '94. 
Thanks Mom+Dad. 

Randall L Cowglll 

Timothy X. Cronin 

"If you can't get what's rightfully 
your's you must try to capture it by 
any means necessary." 

Caroline David 

"The angel and apostle of the 
coming revelation must be a woman, 
indeed; but lofty, pure, and beautiful, 
and wise moreover, not through 
dusky grief, but the ethereal medium 
of joy; and showing how sacred love 
should make us happy; by the truest 
test of a life successful to such an 
end!" -NH 

Danielle Delmonico 

"See the rivers rise + fall they will 
rise and fall again. Everything must 
have an end like a river to stream 
this is the famous final scene." 
(SEGAR), NYC, Camping, Liz's 
excuses. Where we goin', TB, Where 
are we. Get me off this ride. It's 
raining on the log, Egg is on fire. 
Hello, 143PWH. 

SIgne Elizabeth DeWaltoff 

Put your pictures away and 
remember these days, 'til we meet 
again and you need a friend, I won't 
stand in your way, though I beg you 
to stay, but wherever you go you 
need to know, that between you and 
me, nothing could be any stronger, 
love is forever longer. 


"For all the days we spend, the 
memories of our love and laughter 
will never end." Soccer, B-ball, 
Softie, 90-94, Burrito, I've fallen, 
Halloween, v-ball. Pits, JP+SP'93, 
NH, Keg's+Sarah's, KS Revenge! 
License? Thanks to my friends, esp. 
GS (I miss you!!) Mom, Dad + Jim, 
Love ya! Thanks BCI 



"Laugh alot. A good sense of humor 
cures almost all of life's Ills." Eileen- 
Nantucket... 2Byus, M.Dew-3am. 
Chappy. V-ball at Harbor. Steve's 
house-Headlights. The Cape. Sugar 
high. Coastguard. Toyota Jump- 
Field Hockey + Lacrosse. T-Koosh, 
Skiing. I've got dibs! FB. Keep smilin' 
class of '94. 

Allison Elizabeth Doyle 


"No we're never gonna survive 
unless we get a little crazy." 
"So live your life like an exclamation, 
not an explanation." 


We'll take the best, forget the rest, 
and someday we'll find these are the 
best of times. 

Jeremiah Duff 

Dana Hope Dunlap 

I've run though rainbows and castles 
of candy and I cried a river of tears 
from the pain I tried to dance with 
what life had to hand me. And if I 
could, I'd do it all over again. EJ- 
However far away, whatever words I 
say, I will always love you. NH, 
Cancun, Canaries, GW, Fid, MV, SS, 
LK. LM. 

Christina Dunn 

"To kill a man is not to defend a 
doctrine, but it is to kill a man." 
Castiglione "To suppress one's 
freedom of mind is not to defend an 
institution " 

Jennifer Leigh Durgin 

"Better by far you should forget and 
smile than to remember and be sad." 
It's time to let go, but not without a 
few memories: Stoney-BS, Cancun- 
NO, HMS, Kegs, NH-F2, HMCMG91, 
Great Woods, Pits, Meat, Scout, the 
Brew Crew, Sports 90-94, Btle Str, 
Dyjob, Bos, KS-Revenge, Good luck 
to everyone next year!!!! 

Sarah Elizabeth Edson 

"Like the story that we wish was 
never ending - We know sometime 
we must reach the final page." Italy, 
'92/Virginia Beach/4:30..., It that 
another mix? Tweetyll i^erv, RP's, 
letters from Shenwood Forest, blue 
eyes. It's been unbelievable. "We 
must live while we can..." 


Douglas William Elfert 

The Godfather of Soul 
"Arthur Dent sat and quivered. He 
had no idea what he was in for, but 
he knew that he hadn't liked 
anything that had happened so far 
and didn't think things were likely to 
change." -The Hitchhiker's Guide to 
the Galaxy. 

Deborah Elizabeth Elsden 

They were right, it sure went fast. 
Time flies when you're having fun. 
Where do I begin? Soccer, Hoops, 
Gym, Softball. I don't care and I don't 
puke. Hi boys, Joobie, Kovo, Ed 
Chants, Hot Wheels. Thanks to all 
my friends- New Hampshire. OUAISI 
Gang Green. Jerry & Bad, Yeah 
whatever. Good Luck Dave. 

Lynica Marie Emanuello 

Everyday gets longer as the 
memories grow stronger. Never look 
back and cry, but look back and 
laugh because you're saying good- 
bye. Italy Maine, Quebec, etc. Bo- 
Mo, Wampee, W.E. Intruders- T.H. 
Hey Val, Hop the peace frog. Let's 
explore the highways in Maine. 
Ghost stay down. R.B. Thighty 
Wighty Monk 

Matthew Fahle 

Heather Elizabeth FInlay 

"If you build your castles in the air, 
your work need not be lost; That is 
where they should be. Now put the 
foundations under them." HOT I win 
20 years. I know I'll remember 
rushing to homeroom and somehow 
never being able to leave at 2. Adios 

Brenda L. Fitzpatrick 

"To the future or to the past, to a 
time when thought is free, when men 
are different from another and do not 
live alone-to a time when truth exists 
and what is done cannot be undone: 

From the age of uniformity, from 
the age of solitude,. ..from the age of 
doublethink greetings. 

Danldie Lambert Flaherty 

"Remember when the days were 
long and rolled beneath the deep 
blue sky didn't have a care in the 
world" Are you Swedish? PR- IT'92/ 
WW/ Hellooi! 1,2,3 times a lady. 
Blue Teeth? Bumpy/ He's nakedl 
Lola V-Ball @ Harbor/ Tent? NHD 
pee w-me/ Lovechild "Let me take a 
long last look before we say 

Robert Shawn Flaherty 

Rap forever! It's been fun, it's been 
real, but not real fun. Thanks to my 
parents for always being there when 
I needed them. Thanks for all the 
support Mrs. Ruggiero gave me. 


Edward Thomas Flemming 

"Don't take yourself seriously, but 
take what you do seriously." Maffei's 
class, Great times in the shed,. "Eric, 
I could have sworn that kid was 
fourty." Cheap room on Sunday's. 
"Chip, I'll take care of ya." 
(Presidents SSCC). "Hyme keep it 
honest." Good luck class of '941 

Grant William Flynn 

"Well, we're a movin' on up, to the 
top. To a deluxe apartment in the 
sky. Yeah we're a movin' on up, to 
the top. We finally got our piece of 
the pie." -The Jeffersons 
Good luck class of '94; f^ay your 
dreams be the dreamiest dreams 
ever dreamt. 


Nat, Flynna, Sprat 
"I am so thankful to God for giving 
me such kind friends to hold me by 
the hand while I am passing through 
my life." Thanks Mom and Dad, 
Flynns and Jovanes for being there. 
Special thanks to Jean, Lisa and the 
rest of the crew for the smiles and 
great memories. "We do not stand 
alone." Te Quiero! 


Tee, Arat 
"We laughed until we had to cry, we 
loved right down to our last 
goodbye." C.W. Well we made it. 
Always remember: HP, Shotput, 
Oops wrong car. Snickers, T-late 
runs to Kelaway. I love... I Kinsmont 
will always live in my heart. Billiards, 
Good to go summer of '93. Every- 
body hurts! Class of '9411 

Craig Friedland 

The Godfather of Soul 
"On the way back, they sang a 
number of tuneful and reflective 
songs on the subjects of peace, 
justice, morality, culture, sport, 
family, life, and the obliteration of all 
other lifeorms." -Douglas Adams 


If you try hard, you will succeed in 
most everything. 
Football 9,10,11 
Wresteling 10,11,12 
Lacrosse 10,11,12 
Thank you Mom, Dad, Jay, and Matt 

Mark Andrew Galpin 

"So long and thanks for all the FISH" 
Math Team 

Carin Melissa Ganz 

"The future belongs to those who 
believe in the beauty of their 
dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt 
YONEX Boats... Trains... and 
Planes?! Eat at Ed's "What did you 
say?" EW. JF, LM, LG, JP- Natty 
couldn't have done it without you! 



Keith Andrew Garland 

"Only the strong survive, like Fords." 
'We don't need no education." 4x4's 
Rule. Fords Rule Over Chevy's. 
Mom + Dad, I told you I could do it. 
Camping, Fishing, Beach, 4wheel- 
ing. Free St., Gov. Ford Power, 
wheel stands. Bakers- Bob, Tony, 
Will, Joe, Barbuto*. Tami, I love you. 
1.4.3. Yes, I will. 

Lisa Gay 

"Time flies and the years go by, but 
memories never fade." Good luck to 
the cheerleaders- Twinkles forever. 
Nat- K thru 1 2 and we finally made it! 
Thanks for everything. Special 
thanks to John- 3/1/91 Thirst, 
Hermie, Quack, Angel Eyes, "Some 
kind of wonderful" Good Luck Class 
of '94. 

Alexis Kathleen Gendron 

"We don't even have pictures just 
memories to hold that grow sweeter 
each season as we slowly grow old." 
Acceleration/legs, Wompatuck talks. 
Shag, V-ball/Harbor Runs, Europe/ 
Quebec '92, D.C./Nice '93, Hellooo, 
tent. He's naked! True Blue- PRS/ 
Junior Girls, Love Child, blue teeth. 


"If you can't be the sun, be a star. It's 
not in the job that you win or you fail. 
Be the best of whatever you are." 
Tennis:Gilly-Tilly-Milly, Chiuaua, U2- 
DAVEI, yonexl, Celtic's game, 
Quebec 92, Bungalo91-92, Camps 
Daisy + Malcom. "We do not 
remember days, we remember 

Emily Elizabeth Griffin 

Em Briany Smurf 
"Great spirits have often encoun- 
tered violent opposition from 
mediocre minds." Bel Air '93-31 
Pizza ice cream beck no more 
Cadbury Eggs for U The Guys of 
Summer can U believe Anne is 21 1 
don't think I'll need the Red 
Raincoat. Yet! Jr. Prom-Oh what a 
night Don't forget Musclesll 

Kathryn Louise Gunderson 

Katie Kate Red 
What time does this place close? 
Bickford's-eight cups+cream stacks. 
Oh mighty Geh. Sesame Street. AM 
Coke. No John! Huh? You're beating 
me! Sat night pool. You're my friend. 
Wicked killer. Bartholemew. The 
Elmo search. Snow again?! The 
crayon lady. NY incense. Crew rules! 
Oh the times we've had... 

Kara Marie Hagan 

"Think big & your deeds will grow, 
think small & you'll fall behind, think 
that you can & you will-IT'S ALL IN 
THE STATE OF MIND"; the chase. 
Fake?, 4 quarters, "beach boy", T's , 
Spies, Worlds End, Kai, 7 b's, 
"Bananas.." the Cape. "May the 
moments of today tiecome the fond 
memories of tomorrow." 

Julia Kathryn Hallett 

"Now the ears of my ears awake, 
and now the eyes of my eyes are 
opened" -E.E. Cummings 4:30, Time 
for milking! U2, Altos rule! Music is 
life. Is this the- Pomeronzi resi- 
dence? I'm sorry! Italy- Virginia- 
Northport- Chicago- NY- Washing- 
ton- Shen/vood Forest. It couldn't 
already be the end... 


Elena Lisa Hanish 

"Our memoriGs of yesterday will last 
a lifetime, we'll take the best forget 
the rest and someday we'll find these 
are the best of times." LSH I've fallen 
92 Prom? Keg's DD- NH/ MV SS- 
WND Cancun- NOHM Soccer- DP 
KS Revenge Great Woods- CBPD? 
Keys? JP HP talks, Punch? Good 
Luck Class Of '94 

Jason McKinnon Hanrahan 

"We play for the honor of achieve- 
ment and the glory of the sport." 
NH-93 MV- Keg's- Doyle's- The Pit- 
Soccer and lax- Freshman hoop- 
Pickles -V has less calories. Thanks 
Chip- Augur- Hymie- Justin- Hurst- 
Ed- Soule and to the girls of 94. 
Thanks Mom, Dad and Hack. 

Paul Nathaniel Hardy 

, Than, Nat, Nate 

'So they went off together. But 
wherever they go, and whatever 
happens to them, in that enchanted 
place on the top of the forest, a little 
boy and his bear will always be 
playing.'A.A. Milne 
To dreams and memories, for that is 
all that we have left. 


Homework... I doubt it . Come on 
let's show them what we got! Then 
bust them up with it.. Uechi- 
Firestone E.C.H. always 
Love, Gabrial 

Shannon Leigh Hayes 

"Maybe nothing lasts forever not the 
mountains or the sea but the times 
we had together will always be with 
me." Y.L. Champion90 Saranac91 
Same b-day+phone#-Road Trip w/o 
licince Portugal92-3 BOTICA 
Locke's92-i-Algarve 93 BIG FUN 
Dunkin' LATE NITE Ko Ko Island is. 
See yal. 


Sit on a potato pan Otis! 

Dawn Marie Henderson 

Durlin, Dee 

"The direction of the eye so 
misleading, the defection of the soul 
nauseously quick, I don't question 
our existance, I just question our 
modern needs.- EDDIE VEDDER 

Becklanne Hersey 

Can I return this? Coffee at 
Bickford's,weekly mall trips, Geh 
rules! The omni. Aquanots."What 
happens to the wide-eyed observer 
when the window between reality 
and unrealized breaks and the glass 
begins to fly?"-SK,no silly! 25mph, 
Hey ya know. New York, borrowed 
lockers, GD it Carynl ILU Pete! 


• I 

Gretchen Ruth Hersey 

"So... you're off to great places! To 
day is your day! Your mountain is 
waiting. So.. .get on your way!" 
Stopsign 8/5/91 . Stacy-you're a 
winna! Tracl<ies-don't forget the 
spandex! And Bes? No, she will not 
live in the back row forever! Good 
luck Class of 94! 

Susannah EldridgeHills 

" I can't sing the blues anymore, but I 
can sing this song and you can sing 
this song when I'm gone." Steve's- 
again! headlights! Merv-rp's ski 
trippin'-yellow roses-. Roni 
serenaded by pebbles. A road not 
taken. downtown/out by the 
river. Boat vacation-life. 1 love you! 
All is groovy. 

Emily Ann Hiltz 

Its finally over. But it was fun! 
Thanks to TS,LJ,DC,GV,MS,CB,DD, 
EGG,LA,EG,CR,MS. Thanks for 
being there for me. Trecia I love you! 
Most thanks to Dan Callahan for 
having faith in me I love you and 
good luck! May 19, 1992-. 

Joyelle Hirsch 

"Remember, what you do today will 
determine who you are tomorrow." 
Soju, jammin with a Fat, road trip, 
Fla. 93-1 can only see her feet, x- 
mass ohno!, grapes, shower, 
maniacs 93, yellow line, get in the 
bushes, steps, lost after JT, and if 
you stop/get another-pres., 33. 

Salesia Hughes 

Mad props to the metco bus for 
putting up with all the Racism. 
Because we know there is alot in this 
school. But a bit of advice to my 
fellow classmates left behind. Keep 
that phony smile on at all times. Oh 
but don't think thats how I made it 
through, (smile!!) Peace: Salesia 

Laurie Elizabeth Hunt 

"Ability may get you to the top. but it 
takes character to keep you there." 
England-kegs, Grt woods, pits, the 
scout for meat, to the brew crew 
thanks for the great times, before the 
night is over one more ride in kegs' 
car. Pearl we made it through 92+93, 
Before 94 was summer of 4. 

Adam Gregory Hurst 

"Do not think about the future, it will 
come soon enough." I got attacked 
by a bobcat. Augur has ESPN the 
quarries, rides in the dove, the s- 
bird, Ed's H-dogs, welch baseball, 
the wolf 93, Doyles basement, a pair 
of tightly tied skunks. Thanks Chip, 
Ed, Hymie, Soule, Augur, Duff, JH 
and JA. 

Jennifer Downes Hussey 

"You have brains in your head. You 
have feet in your shoes. You can 
steer yourself any direction you 
choose. You're on your own. And 
you know what your know. AND 
YOU are the guy who'll decide where 
to go." NY, Quebec, RB+RBW. 
Police! "the wax""What?" NoNoNo! 
Vermont'93,glass flower, Ski-'93 


Ashley Iser 

"I went to the woods because I 
wanted to live deleberately...And 
suck out the marrow of life"HDT 
Spaghetti Club/Summer'92/ 
Bertucci's-"time to talk76-19-92/ 
Chrisssy's accident/ Sr. Prom'92/Jr. 
SeasonA/Valden-FLAT! Bic's/"Let's 
celebrate"/ Cruise'94/TCBY/DPS 

Antoine Vernard Jones 

"As for all the happy and sad 
memories that I've had in the first 
seventeen years of my life, graduat- 
ing from high school was one if not 
the most memorable things that I 
have ever accomplished." 

Joie Kaminaga 

Do the things you do best and work 
hard at it - That's all I have to say! 

Marc Jason Keating 

Since I'm here, I guess that proves 
two points about people: It is 
possible to survive both twelve years 
without doing homework and your 
car burning to the ground as you 
leap out. 

Elizabeth Beaton Keegan 

Kegs, Liz 
"Time does not become sacred to us 
until we have lived it" \JK-^2^2 NH 
Tamps FH, 90-93 Tatoo Vinyard 
Scout HMCMNG-91 Uh, oh! 
Guys. ..guys! UNH-SS stonies Edith 
Fire! MEAT Grt.wds. -empty-handed 
Gd.Lk.Kerri The Final-4(sum 93) 
NSK: Great friends last forever! 

Joseph M. Kidston 

Can't you recall the intamate secrets 
that we truly shared. The faith and 
trust we swore would always last-l 
believe it will. The tower, The Cape, 
climbing was always fun. Thanks 
Mark, Joe, Mom and Dad-Soccer 
was great I miss you CM-GS, 
Goodbye , Goodluck. -Al-and the 

Lucas V.G.S. Kimball 

Godfather of Soul, Bad Kid 
"...The pieces of my puzzle keep 
crumblin' away but I know there's a 
picture beneath. "-M. Patton F.N.M/ 
"You're not my father"-Luke 

Abigail Klima 

"Free at last, free at last, Thank God 
Almighty we are free at last!"-Martin 
Luther King Jr. 


Derek Kulesza 

Thank you for everything Dad, Mom, 
I miss you a lot. Thanks also to my 
best friends Greg M., Eve L., Dawn 
C, Tim G., Christian P., Steve A. 

Elizabeth Ann Larson 

Well it's all over now and it's time to 
move on but I'll never forget all the 
great times we had. Toga night, 1/ 
4mile, KTVS, Wompi, raining on T, 
table talks, TB w/ DD+HP, Triph w/ 
KTV. Thanx + I love you Mom, Dad, 
Bryan, Rachel, Jamie, Leigh, Ajay. 
James I'm so glad I found you! 

Albert Lash 

You didn't order any pizza and the 
Hull Donut House never had a raffle. 
Sorry. Music is good, as well as 

Eileen A. Lavey 

Red, Leena 
"Before you put on a frown, make 
absolutely certain there are no 
smiles available " Sara- 
Junior Girls-PRS,Pitstop on Gushing 
harbor, Wompatuck talks.JM-Harbor 
nights.. .ML,Misty,S. Marks in 
LP,Toyota Jump,S.Track,Thanks 
Mom and Dad! 

Jessica Anne Lavin 

Philippians 1 :3,9 
I thank my God every time I 
remember you. And this is my 

that your love may abound more 
and more in knowledge and depth of 
insight, so that you may be able to 
discern what is best and may be 
pure and blameless until His day. 

Kathleen Maura Leahy 

Katy Shorty 
"Knowing where your going is one 
thing-having fun getting there's 
everything" Pits NH- 
Grtwoods"Guys,guys" L/K1212 
KEGS Scout T2SD court? Hmcg91 
FH91 -93 meat stony Bs baseVOA 
thnks guys of94-thanks LH HC JA 
KR JD TC-N&L-best friends 
yesterday, today&always. 

Kevin J. Leary 

Through my 17 year life, high school 
has been the biggest challenge. 
Now, it is time to step up to a new 
and more challenging 
place. ..College! Thanks Mom, Dad 
and Jen for all of your support. I love 
you. "Get Brett Weir I said" 
J.boys''93" summers- 
bridges, rocks.Q's and more...4ever! 

Laura Melissa LeClair 

"When you're down■^troubled-^you 
need a helping hand-f-nothing is 
going right.close your eyes-nthink of 
me-fsoon I will be there-you got a 
PRS/acceleration/legs/blue teeth/ 
Tent/ O What A Nite! 


Eve Liberty 

BL JF I Love you all! Wompatuck, 
Grey hill, Canobie Lake, New York, 
Montreal Club 289, aquarium, Great 
Woods, late night.. .theft? Skipping? 
DC-"She was a fast machine" 
BINKIE "You reak of smoke" All my 
love to my family and to Trevor 

Kimberly Ann Linscott 

I luv you Dad. Mom will always be w/ 
us "When life gives u challenges & u 
need strenth 2 survive, be reminded 
of a friend's hand selflessly reaching 
out." Angel? Bobsy Twins!, NYC, VA, 
cruisin" the battleship, unfrozen ice 
cube. Beast, Friendlies, Fiddler, DC, 
Prom, Dance all nite! Let's Party!! 

Gaensly Luceus 

The great challenge in life is to 
decide what's important and to 
disregard everything else. 

Ryan Jeffrey Lynch 

"All you can do is all you can do BUT 
all you can do is enough." Rides in 
Suburban, Nantucket, Ocean Kai 
with Augur, Hot Wheels, Kovo,Feud, 
golf, the Dove and LOTS of FUN. 

Calder Thomas MacMullen 

"Butter you're muffin to the shuffler." 
"I mentioned you to Megan." "Your 
pants are falling down Jerky" "Look, 
but don't make your eyes strain" "I 
didn't like it." "This is pretty weak so 
I'll stop soon." "Remember to bring 
the heavy tools, and you'd better 
flunk hard." "Fear the last judge- 

Allsun Madigan 

"Without the heart there can be no 
understanding between the hand 
and mind." -Madonna 
"What lies behind us and what lies 
before us are small matters 
compared to what lies within us." - 
Emerson. Thank you; Mum- 
Spaceshot, Dad- Have I told you 
today.. Z-People, Head and Sio- 

Maureen Ann Magnussen 

Hey Lisa! "Beep, Hey ..." .Y.B.T.S.; 
Chevy: Homecoming "92"; Thanks 
everyone for helping me sophomore 
year. There are too many to mention 
but you know who 1 mean. Good 
Luck Sue R. and John G. "95". Good 
Luck class of "94" ! 

John Micheal Mahoney 

" It's not how you play the game it's 
how you win it." AdRock, Div. 2 
State Champions That's Me , That's 
Jim, That's Chip, Ed's , H-'Dogs, 
Thanks 94 Chics, TRISH, Hanrahan 
Lou invented funneling. Maffei's 

Class No false initials you clowns 

know who you are! 


Megan RueMaloney 

♦"Life hands you situations when ail 
you can do is put one foot in front of 
the other and live moment to 
moment." Thanks Mom and Dad, I 
love you. "Don't walk in front of me 
for I may not follow, don't walk 
behind me for I may not lead, just 
walk beside me and be my friend." 
Good Luck class of '94! 

Lora Anne Marcella 

"The scenes from our childhood are 
the memories of the future" Hyannis, 
Skip Days, Sball, Harvard Square, 
S.Miller, Maniacs, All Bros, Asmith, 
7-3-93, 33, Quebec, Italy, Yogi, 
Disney "Hold on to the past & look 
fonward to the future" All u need is 
friends! THANKS Mom, Dad, & 
Anthony I LOVE YOU! 

MichaelTerrence Martin 

"Do not give in to the hardships that 
life will set before you. A great 
achievement is never accomplished 
without a struggle. Good luck. Class 
of '94! 

Beverly Elisabeth Mather 

"We're standing tall-ain't never a 
doubt, we are the young so shout it 
out "Remember-let me see you 
boogaloo. Squat #456, Twinkle 
cream on the wall 4eva, Father 
Guido Sarducci, Shelly conducting 
Pier 4, Sr. Gym, Homecoming, 
"And the song from beginning to 
end I found in the heart of a 

Julie Ann Matthews 

Good friends we have, good friends 
we have lost along the way. In this 
bright future, you can't forget the 
past so wipe your tears away. 
CAMPS, Lowell, Quebec, Rec trips! 
3 Musketeers live on! Sarah, chats 
till 2:30 Marks I f-in luv U. PRS 
Fights. Kicked out again? SLSJB 

Joseph John Mazurek 

The past four have been great. I've 
enjoyed most of my classes and 
most of my teachers. I'll never 
forget the parties, the hockey 
games, the food fights (especially 
the corn), Mr. Ozug, Have a good 1 ! 

Loren Michelle McAllister 

"I'm glad I did it, partly because it 
was well worth it, but chiefly 
because I will never have to do it 
again." -Mark Twain 

Alison Rose McCabe 

AN, Al 
No straight lines make up my life 
and all the roads have bends. 
There are no clear cut beginnings, 
and so far, no clear ends.- Call the 
plumber- Cards- Sarsely- Sam 
Fishtool- I got pockets- Aquarsi- 
Hotel CA- Huckins- Squat- O 
Trips- Florida- Cape- Up all night- 


Tammy Lynne McCracken 

Always remember the good times 
we have shared together and let 
them live in your memories 
forever! Feb. 14, the beach, the 
government , camping, the summer 
of "93" Free st. Keith I will too! 143 
I love you forever Keith! 

David McHardy 

Big Bad Wolf 
I would like to say just a few words. 
First of all I would like to say bye to 
all the people that I will never see 
again. Al the Jonny mobile will be 
remembered for a long time and so 
will the ticket you got. Paul the hack 
master why don't you shut up and 
show us how! 


Our four years of high school are 
now over but out of it comes 4 years 
of our best memories, never to be 
forgotten. Such as our first loves and 
friends always to be remembered. 

Although I'm glad to leave 
It's hard to say goodbye. 

Emily McMorrow 

Hope for the future don't dwell on the 
past, live in the present and make 
today last. Pray for tomorrow, let life 
live on, hope for the future 'cause 
yesterday's gone! 

Congratulations and good 
luck class of '94! 

Kelly McPherson 

"We're born to live and then to die, 
and we've got to do it alone, each in 
his own way, and 1 guess we've got 
to love those people who deserve it 
like there is no tomorrow. Cause 
when you get right down to it, there 

Stephen C.Melia Jr. 

"We all only go around once. There's 
really no time to be afraid. " WW, 
Bmiaw, headlights. Red, Aerosmith, 
screens, frige. Cape, Nan, 8-Track, 
v-ball at harbor, red jeeps, ski trips, 
baseball, bets. Cons. P, pool, J. P., 
S.P., rocks, tower, Malibu, lampost, 
my house, Vermont, wiffleball, T. 
Koosh, movies. 

Jennifer Melkonian 
Jen, Jenny, Melky 

"Friendship is the only cement that 
will ever hold the world together." 
PRS-the junior girls. ..RED!- 
Misty... harbor nights-f^L...pitt stop on 
Cushing!...the rock!. ..EL and SD 
thanks for listening to my sob stories 
and help w/ the CP's. 

Monica de Fatima Mendes 

"We are a nation with no boundaries 
bound together through our beliefs. 
Sharing a common vision, pushing for 
a world rid of color lines. "JJ 
B.V."Time to get up!"Pastafests 
la.m.Love ya Taisha my best 
friend.9/19/93 Miss You. 


Christopher B. Millburg 

"What counts is not the best living, 
but the most living." Headlights 
There is no yellow line! Galdor's, 
Summer '91 , Worlds End Red, 
Frenchy, Bunkers, Monkey Man, 
Lukes, I don't care about my shoes, 
V-Ball, Prom, Cats & Birds, PRS 

Judith you B Red Jeeps, 

midnite run, unexpected surprises 
guys- toot! 

Melissa B.Mills 

Millsie, Liss 
"The woods are lovely, dark and 
deep, but I have promises to keep 
and miles to go before I sleep, and 
miles to go before I sleep." Italy & 
Belgium '92, The Bodoin '93. ich 
Bach! Cod Crapatte, oh really? 
Kindafunnae, Fog horn! DWOC, 
Gilly-Tilly-Milly: Tennis, "Life is a 
drive through history!" 

Antonio Misdea 

Tony, Mez 
Do what you got to do to get the job 
done! It has been a great four years 
with many years to come. Gippa- 
What's up. One more year, hang in 
there. DAMES What's going on? 
What did she say? 6-13-92; Buca 
shots with FDC & Joslyn. Dames Chi 
Fai? What's up to stu T, Stu F, and 

Anthony Joesf Mario Modano 

Know the enemy and know yourself; 
In a hundred battles you will never 
be in peril- SUN TZU. The secret 
source of humor itself is not joy but 
sorrow. There is no humor in 
heaven- Twain. Sometimes one 
should just look at things and think 
things about things, without doing 
things- Hobbes. 


Lisa Monticone 

"Contentment is not the fullfillment of 
what you want, but the realization of 
how much you already have." Allman 
Bros., Barnyard, Jr Prom, Mark's, 
Keg's, Sunbird, 7/4/93, Foodfights- 
Kates, The Great Woods Fiasco- Uh 
Oh, Guys? Mom and Dad- Thanks 
for always being there, I love you 


"Life is not a trial run." Hingham, 
Cohasset Posse. Skinny fat. Fishing. 
Dunkies. Dude, let's go swimming! 
Good shows. The Band. Hilly joint. 
Frank. Dowbert, you better run! Big 
fin. The slick car. Macdaddy. 
Superfly. The F.C. Crew. BOB. 
Movie fest. Dude... dude! Campfires. 
Wednesday. Ungaaaaaaaaa! Pimp. 

Victoria Elizabeth Moss 

"Friends can't be together forever. 
It's the memories we hold on to that 
build friendship!!" To all my friends- 
You know who you are- Thanx for 
the memories. Summer 93, 
Mattapoisett, WC 92 & 93, Brighs 
Tiff- It's time for PB trivial SD 9:00 
RW Zipper cruise 94 Good Luck 
Class Of 94 

Jean Frances O'Brien 

Fran, Jeano, Rosy 
"These are the days you'll remem- 
ber." NM. Help I'm being kidnapped, 
Breakin' the law, Hello my name is 
satan, Wompatuck stakeout. Ball 
please, Snickers, 2 in 1 , hmm, no 
loot, HP, Disco, Wrong car, Breakin', 
Orange Volvo, PC, Assume the 
position, Shotput, Pok Fri Ri, Andy 
Gibb is dead? 


Heather Lee Ohman 

Aquanauts.O.S. versus atta boy. 
Ren and Stimpy in homeroom. Isn't 
that red light supposed to be on? 
Fish tanks. Workcamps. Lobster cake. 
Gym class. Caryn's adopt-a- 
homeroom. Whale day. Video 
camera.Softball.The Far 
Side. Schrod. tennis ball map. Salt 
wedgie.Mike P's drawings. Field trips. 

Michael Olsen 


Oslo Slovitch 
The finest kind of friendship is 
between people who expect a great 
deal of each other but never ask 
Cocky?You can count on 
it!Ash:Some things we'll never 
know.Best of friends 
always . J oe : Radtower, roofs , 
Wompatuck.Soccer.Some things are 
kept silent. 

Christine LynneOstrowski 

"The purpose of life is a life of 
purpose" Jr Prom.L's party, Walden 
Woods-spare tire?! spaghetti 
club, rocks, Bic's 2am,Carpe 
NC, London, summer'92,A+J's 
party.lM mile,cruise,Mr.B 
"help"cape,magic-DAB,Long Warf, 
U2,6/25, "My girlfriend",extreme 
season, sq. burger. 

Ryan Styles Overbeck 

Meatload Roosta 
An excellent day for conducting 
research or brushing up on your 
skills. Your offspring will help you 
solve a problem involving an older 
friend or relative. HAWGS! 

Benjamin Brooks Parker 

"I've conquered my past, my future is 
here at last, I stand at the entrance 
to a new world"-U2 summer of "93" 
Wompy, TH-Getto, Great Woods, 
Lollapalooza, Cape Cod, Steve 
"STB" HHS Lax, Everyone thanx for 
the good times! Amy-I.L.Y. 

Hilary Skolfield Parsons 

"Life is a series of hello's and 
goodbye's, I'm afraid it's time to say 
goodbye again." Florida, Cancun, 
NO Hm'sN.H.S.S- Classic 
comments, E.H-B. Talks, Keg's, 
Soccer, JP, KS- Revenge, M.V- D, 
Liz- G.H, Cape? C.H There is so 
much to say so I'll keep it short, I 
Love You! BOIDGE , I'll miss you 
next year I LY Good Luck. 

Brendon David Peak 

It's over! Finally. Poker and pool, 
looking for W..., Pickin on someone, 
Calculators, Animation, D'Angelos, 
Sub Galley, Big Foor- YV- Football, 
Homework stinks. 


Michael Edward Perreault 

Go the distance! Be happy! If fun 
isn't on your agenda, then you're 
taking things too seriously! Lighten 
up or shut up! Don't wait for me, I'm 
right in front of you. Hit the gas while 
there is still fuel in the tank. Are you 
gonna go my way? Stay to the right. 
Lazell St. Best of luck. 

Kerri Piatt 

"Life's like a movie, write your own 
ending. Keep believing, keep 
pretending. We've done just what we 
set out to do. ''...Eur'92GG + 
Jellybeans Shag Mark, Help! D. 
NHD. DC. Yah it is! Hisp. Lovefish. 
To all the trackies, past and present: 
You're the best!... "Thanks to the 
lovers, the dreamers, and you" 

John J. Pollick 

"I take a simple view of life: Keep 
your eyes open and get on with it." 
Laurence Olivier. The Woods and 
the Quest '93. The Battle. Naked 
Jake. 2-neckers. The Burial. Jerry! 
Jerry! Atomic Punk. Highway 6. 
WHB. Lopez. Death rides with Stino. 
"Sing on brother, play on drummer." 
JIMI Great Times. 

Greg Porter 

Lora M. Rancour! 

I always knew I'd look back upon 
times I cried and I'd laugh, but I 
never knew I'd look back upon the 
times we laughed and I'd cry. E-S.H. 
3L's & A Table Talk, Prom 92, M.W.? 
Jr. Prom, Keg's House, D.D.-N.H., 
Great Woods, Sarah's 93, A-H.C. 92 
Shut-Up!! Fox 93, 2 many good 
times 2 count. 

Conny Rasmussen 

We finally made it. I never thought I 
would make it but I did! I will never 
forget this great year my family and 
friends gave me. Thanks to all my 
friends and special thanks to Jenny, 
Melissa M, Lio & Julio. I couldn't 
have made it with out your help. I will 
miss you all. Thanks to my familt, the 

Marc Zachary Regan 

If you can't befuddle 'em with 
brilliance, baffle 'em with bull. 
"Margaret 76" TE High school was 
fun but I would not choose to do it 
again. Yesterday was pretty cool. 
The first three years were boring but 
senior year made up for it. P So 
happy that this O has ended T. 


Caitlin Reilly 

"One day at a time this is enough. 
Do not look back and grieve over the 
past, for it is gone, And do not be 
troubled about the future, for it has 
not yet come. Live in the present and 
make it so beautiful that it will be 
worth remembering." 

Tara Ricketts 

T, Trash 
Sometimes life can be as bitter as 
dragon tears, but whether dragon 
tears are bitter or sweet depends 
entire;y on how each man perceives 
the taste. -DRK. Chili, M.Dew, Taco 
Bell, Boston, Bickfords, Balloons, 
Quincy Pt., Sebago, Waterbed, 
Water St. Ocean Kai, Blazers, 
Beach, Zone's and Hezz's home. 
Cruise '94. 

Jennifer Lisa Ross 

Oh ,1 get it. Honk if you're sorry. 
Lemon Juice, Oxfam Trumpet 
Babes, Cape Cod Olympics, Ted 
Donato, Chris O'Donnell, My 
Dreams, One's bigger, Disco Jr. 
Prom, Unfrozen ice cubes. Moron, 
Bernie, Julie, I'm really really sorry! 
SPF Sawyer, DB I'm not obsessed! 
and finally Callate!!! 

Jessica IMarie Ryan 

Jess, Jungle J 
Friends may come and friends may 
go, but the friends that stay, stay 
forever. Breakin', disco, video. 
Bruins- Joe and "Def Leppard", 
President's Choice, Totally '80*s, 
Fran games, Koko, Gaston, "Mom", 
"Crush on you" "Shut up - you're so 
gay!" Shotput, Snickers, Journey. 
We finally made it!!! 

Jill Lorraine Ryan 

Blondie Sphen 
"You can always count on me, in 
good times and bad times I'll be by 
your side Forever more that's what 
friends are for."DW We made it 
thanks for the memories MMM No 
loot France ?Waffle but Normandy 
PC Hedgehog Disco KOKO breakin 
snickers wrong car Snarf at the 
playground Can't swim!!. 

Anne Marie Ryberg 

"And we find at the end of a perfect 
day the souls of the friends we've 
made."/No whammies/Carrot 
Sticks+saltines/Mushroom Towers/ 
Fruit+O trips-LAMAS/l took it out!/ 
"Nightmare "/Maine Men!!/Adams 
the butt?, EOTYT- 
Hallrun,LadipChats/GOOD LUCK 

lUiatthew R. Sanocl(i 

Sir.Nookie, Squid Sleeves 
...and silence,contagious in moments 
like these, consumed me and 
strengthened my will to appease the 
passion that sparked me one terrible 
night and shocked and persuaded 
my soul to ignite - Trey Anastasio 
"Aw Wheezy" - George Jefferson 
Everyday Sunshine-F-BONE 

James Santacroce 

In the end on dreams we will depend 
Bold As Love: When we find friends 
Take me up so high, where eagles 
fly cause I'm gonna wave my free 
flag high. Jimi, Sammy; Eddie, 
Peppers, Deniro.-other influences. 
Thanx! "It's been reaP'-The Phantom. 
LOPEZ, Plethora.Shituate's 
5150 time!! 


Kimberly Anne Seroll 

Kim, Kimmie, Kimbo 
If the land of make believe is inside 
your heart it will never leave.There's 
a golden gate where the faires all 
wait and dancing moons.for you- 
Queerzies-The Chase-fake?7B- 
Carlos-quiet time-Beach boy-Maz- 
500 mIs-Crowler-After hours- 

Sarah Ann Servetnick 

Before I could count all the good 
times they turned into memories. 
NH-FF,MV,Canaries, Florida 
91'BOIDGE sum. 93' WND.G.woods- 
Key's? EH-GS Latenight, J. Prom, 
Fox.93' HP-Punch Keg's, Dana's. 
EH-No you didn't interupt! 
As I recall it ended much too soon! 

Bridget Sheldon 

I used to say, if we're not crazy,we'll 
go crazy, but inHingahm the only way 
to get out is to be crazy!!! "*The 
unnatural prejudice experienced by 
many people toward minority groups 
,is based primarily on a warded 
definition of equality!!! 

Amy-Marie Smith 

Why be difficult when with a little 
more effort, you can be impossible? 

Jeremy Snyder 

And Teeth were meant to last a life 
time ...But what a about the hole in 
the wall 

Eric David Soule 

"We judge ourselves by what we feel 
capable of doing, while others judge 
us by what we have already done." 
Football, Wrestling. "Ed, what's he 
doing here, isn't he 32?" Hurst's 34 
combo, Maffei's class, "Chip, don't 
worry about it, you're a good kid." 
Good Luck Class Of '94. 

Erica Spruill 

Bitter sweet memories, that's all I'm 
taking with me. Time can run away, 
but the years will bring back the 
people you've been holding onto in 
your mind. 

Suzanne Nicole Stonehouse 

Saranac, Cancun, Work Crew '93, 
Poppy, NJ, Allmans, the day the war 
began, D. Henley, Let's eat, 
Sunapee- Dana's, No Whammies, 
Crusty, Mushrooms- VA, Alta, 
Champion- "This is the end of the 
innocence." -I Said h 40:31, John 


Mark Sullivan 

Learned, son, the word is pro- 
nounced learned- Mmmm, Potato 
Chips- Can you believe Flanders 
threw out a perfectly good tooth- 
brush... Ewww. -Marge, where's my 
giant foam cowboy hat and airhorn? 

Holly Tatreau 

Mark David Thurston 

Does anyone have change for a 
twenty? Hey Mike, how is the yogurt 
business going? Keating, Burn baby 
burn! Shelly, stay in a good mood. 
Hey Gabe, remember combat 
cheerleaders. Senior year has been 
fun but i'm glad it's over. See ya later 
camera crew. Am I the only one 
going to BYU? 

Brendan Sean Tully 

"Music is harmony, harmony is 
perfection; Perfection is our dream, 
and our dream is Heaven." -Amiel 
And in the end, success will be 
achieved by those who have 
developed the endurance to see life 
through. -Tully. "93 

Katherine L Valas 

"No one is a failure who is enjoying 
life." "The most wasted of all days is 
the day you have not laughed." 
Brian- you're the best! Lynica- ride in 
the maine highway. Liz's excuses, 
DD- Rotini, Wompie, Triphammer, 
114 mile camping, UMass Good 
Luck Meghan. OK, Let's blow this 

Nicole Jacqueline Vesey 

Life is not forever. Forever's a lie. All 
we have are the memories between 
the hellos and goodbyes. Keg's, 
Stonies, Meat, Scout, UNH, GRT- 
WD's, FH90-94, Sum '4. MP- Thanks 
4 1065, 10/13/88. "Absence makes 
the heart grow fonder" KL+LK Grow 
old with me, the best is yet 2B, B-F 
4 Ever 

Yuhan Vevaina 

"The worst thing about having 
nothing to do is not being able to 
stop and rest." 

Tiffany Ann Villani 

Remember yesterday, dream about 
tomorrow, and live for today. Thanks 
to my friends for all the memories. 
Tennis '92-'94: TGM!, Summer '93, 
Mattapoisett, Vic-is it time for PB? 
Brig stop, zipper, 9:00, SD, RW, 
Cruise '94. Thanks for your love and 
support Mom and Dad, I love you! 
Steve - 1 Miss You! 


Gretchen Elise Vogel 

This is the end of the beginning. 
There is so much more to accom- 
plish and figure out- After all, we're 
all lost souls swimming in a fish 
bowl, year after year! LJ, DC, EH, 
BA, JF, BF. MM, EL- Good Luck to 
all a ya's! Binny, I know you'll 
succeed- KL Good Luck to you too 
neighbal I Love You Guys! 

Jennifer Lynette Watson 

Close your eyes then think about the 
time we lived together. Whenever 
you close your eyes you'll see me, I'll 
be satisfied, even if it's only a dream. 
Close your eyes when we're apart, 
it'll seem like we're near. Then close 
your eyes and miss me until the day 
the dream will come true! 

Mark Wechster 

"It matters not how strait the gate, 
how charged with punishments the 
scroll: I am the master of my fate: I 
am the captain of my soul." -W.E. 
Henley "They talk of the dignity of 
work. Bosh, The dignity is in leisure. 
-Herman Melville. 

Molly Catherine Wehter 

"Live each day to the fullest extent 
because tomorrow it will be a 
memory of the past." Thanx guys for 
the good times. Softball '92 - '94, 
MVP? CHRIS, Bahamas '94, 
Sugarloaf , What are we doing? RW, 
Daiquaris, Abba's Thanx Mom & Dad 
ILU. Good luck Kerry, Sara, Tracy, 
and the Class of '94. 

Kurt James Willner 
"Now, this is not the end, it is not 
even the beginning of the end. But it 
is perhaps the end of the beginning." 

John Winnie 

"I leave this rule for others when I'm 
dead. Be always sure you're right- 
Then go ahead." Van Holen '93 
Mikey and Phantom fishing trips. No 
speeding tickets. Naked Jake 
Roadies live on. Mike's jitterbugs. 
Snoopy is my name. No Chevy's 

Kirsten Ann Wohlgemuth 

Years pass, friends come and go, 
but memories always remain. Thank 
you for the memories. Thanks to my 
friends: Jen, Julie, Meg, Molly, 
Tiffany, and Vicki. Cruise '94! We 
finally made it! Special thanks to 
Mom and Dad and Mark. 1 couldn't 
have done it without you! 

JoAnn Marie Zona 

Jo Jo, Zone 
What once was and will always be is 
our memories.- T+Hezz! Ian Katie 
Aaron + Josh I luv U! MA-Have a 
coke and smile! To the "Breakfast 
Club" - Colonial. Cruise '94 




In Memory Of 
David Marx 

My Friend Dave 

By Amy Jo Underkofler 

He cares about life, though his is not fair, 
Such a sweet boy who lost his hair, 
A deadly disease put his precious heart to a 

Courageously he fights, I admire his spunk, 
I want to teU him how I adore him, but I can't 
find the words to tell him how I feel. 
It's an awe that's indescribable, like a rush of 

He listens to and he cares about what I think 
and how I feel. 

Every day we speak, I think about how I wish 
he were healthy and well. 
Altough I miss his smilimg face, I know 
someday his smile will be carefree and mild. 
Such a dear friend I hardly deserve, one who is 
there and keeps me as sane in my mind as I 
should be all through time. 
He's taught me how precious life is, and how 
foolish I was for not wanting to live. 
One thing I'll say, his honesty, so pure, unal- 
tered, and sure, reminds me that God made no 
mistake when he gave me my friend Dave. 



When I grow up 





caJ excuse - doctor 





Gary Baker 

Richard MacLeod 


Michael Donnell 
Assistant Principal 

Peter Lincoln 
Assistant Principal 

Dorothy Galo 
Assistant Superintendent 



William Barges 
Athletic Director 

Paul Cappers 

Gerald Bliss 

E. Scott Burke 

James Kirkcaldy 
Social Studies 

Richard Lawrence 
Industrial Arts 

Roger McClentic 
Computer Coordinator 

Gale Nutter 
Home Economics 


Paul Abrahamson 
Social Studies 

Stephen Baisden 

Lawrence Babcock 
Head Custodian 






^^^^r^ ^\ 

w^ R 


Gordon Bates 







Barbara Berlucchi 

Roger Boddie 
Graphic Arts 

Dut iWiiT 1 jt icaa lyr ian;.\i troair-. 


Peter Bailey 
Social Studies 

1 / 

Marie Benard 

Marcia Boyer 





Arthur Cadel 
Special Education 

Dennis Clinton 
Physical Education 

Richard Caldwell 

Donna Conroy 

Donna Casagrande 
Cafeteria Manager 

Jack Crowely 

Jack Curran 
Social Studies 

Charles Dirk 

Janet Duffy 


Jane Ellis 
Guidance Counselor 

Barbara Finnegan 

Charlotte Falvey 

Lyne Flaherty 

Charles Finn 


Russell Garland' 

John Garrigan 
Special Education 

Charles Geary 

Beverly Gilbert 
Teacher's Aid 


If » 

Iris Gillard 
Social Studies 

Nancy Gustafson 
Guidance Counselor 

James Haviland 


Meredith Gordon 
Physical Education 

Jane Hallett 





Karin Herman 

Joan Grimm 
School Nurse 

Virginia Hansell 

Stephen Herrmann 
Social Studies 


Karen Hewitt 

Douglas Holley 

Maynard Johnson 
Industrial Arts 

<r»^ ..">>. 

Alice Higgins 

Betty Hawlett 

Jack Kennedy 
Physical Education 

John Higgins 

Fred Jewett 

Susan Kovatch 
Spanish & French 


David Lacatell 
Social Studies 

■tn- ■ ri 5lit s^ ^( 

Claudia Leone 

William Larson 

Betty Lincoln 
Teacher's Aid 

Anne Leahy 
Teacher's Aid 

Suzanne Lincoln 
Home Economics 

Joan Linnehan 
Special Education 

Shirley Loomis 
Teacher's Aid 

Craig Low 


Susan Luce 

tit-' ^ _^ \4 ^ "T^ 

Jackie Marvel 

Paul Manganello 

Linda Mazzella 

Lee Magnarelli 

Everett Miller 
Teacher's Aid 

Judy Mitchell 

Michael Muhy 

Nancy Noble 




Claire O'Callaghan 
Teacher's Aid 

Charles Ozug 


Carole O'Connell 
Teacher's Aid 

John Penny 

Richmond Poole 


Elizabeth Priestly 

Steven Olson 

Tamara Perelman 
Social Studies 

John Robinson 


Martha Robinson 

Elizabeth Ruggiero 
Special Education 

Camilla Roundtree 
METCO Coordinator 

Douglas Ryan 

Kathleen Rufo 
Teacher's Aid 

Joseph Ryan 
Industrial Arts 

-^ ^ 

Ed Schreider 
Social Studies 

Diana Sides 

Helaine Silva 



Elaine Slatkavich 

Maria Tavano 
Cafeteria Staff 

Jane Smith 
Guidance Counselor 

Schuyler Thaxter 

Roy Smith 
Guidance Counselor 

Ann Thompson 
Teacher's Aid 


Patricia Tierney 

Michelle Vazquez 

Douglas Wauchope 


Roger Wheeler 

Mark Worden 

A Blast From The Pas 

Richard Jensen 

John Nionakis 
Foreign Languages 

Laurene Jiihola 
Physical Education 

Anna Rehnquist 

Daniel Leclerc 

Linda Rosenberg 
Foreign Languages 


Overflowing with pride 

Sittin' Pretty. 

Kiss me, you fool. 

. . . And your attractive style. 


"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!" 


Queens for the day. 


Peace Mon. 

Dr. Donlan — The Medicine Woman. 


Mario saves the Princesses. 

Bucky Beavers 

Doo-A-Ditty . . 


w^ ^^^^H 








k. ^ ^ mm 1 

Oh, How lovely! 

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's off to work I go. 



During the '93 -'94 season, the Girl's 
Lacrosse was very productive. 
Captains Allison Campbell, Allison 
Doyle, Liz Barry and Jen Durgin will 
lead the way to a winning season. 
All the returning seniors will be key 
players contributing their skills and 
dedication to the success of the team. 
Special thanks to Jen Clapp and 
Heather Williams for all of their 
support. This year's team was 
coached by Leigh-Ann Taylor. We 
want to thank her for a great season 
and wish her the best of luck. 


SENIORS- JoyeUe Hirsh, AUison CampbeU, 
Melissa Carpenter, Jen Durgin, Liz Barry, Kelly 
McPherson, Chrissy Ostrowski, Sara Donlan, 
Allison Doyle 


Boys Lacrosse 

Chip Brackley 

Justin Amaral 

Steve Baker 

Jason Hanrahan 

The 1993 Boys 
Lacrosse Team 


John Pollick 

Brooks Parker 


All for one and one for all! ! ! 


With hard work, determination and team spirit 
(esp. on tlie bus ride), the 1993 Spring Track 
team finished the season witli 3 wins and 3 

This year's 1994 Spring Track will be led by 
tri-captains Eileen Lavey, Monica Mendes and 
Kerri Piatt. Many great contributions have been 
made by seniors Brenda Fitzpatrick, Lcxy 
Gendron, Emily Griffin, Grelchcn Hersey, Allsun 
Madigan, Erica Spruill and Jen Husscy. Carrying 
the team spirit also are the many talented 

Many thanks to Mr. Buckley (for Sat. morning 

practices, power raisens, and helping us strive to 

be our best.) and to Mrs. Kirby (for the killer 

track workouts). What would we do without 

them- Go to Brigham's??? 

We leave witn great memories! 

Kerri Plan 

Eileen Lavey Monica Mendes Gretchen Hersey 






r 1 










Emily Griffin 

Lexy Gendron Allsun Madigan Brenda Fitzpatrick 


Stephanie Clark, Stacy Olsen, Allysa Thorvaldson, Eliza Goodhue, 
Gretchen Hersey, Megan Black, Janice Martin, Allsun Madigan, Kerri 
Piatt, Lexy Gendron, Susan Layden, Monica Mendes, Jenn Hussey, 
Amanda Smalley, Jen Layden, Erica Spruill, Christine Haggarty, Robin 
Wigmore, Emily Griffin, Eileen Lavey, Kelly Derubis, Molly Dunlap, 
Allison Tesler, Holly Vanderwall, Gina Rizzotto, Brenda Fitzpatrick, 
and Jean Healy. 


Boys Spring Track 


John Aiuicrson 

Mike Pcrrcaull 

Joe Colclough 

After an exciting spring 
season in 1993, the Hingham 
Boys hoped to fill the shoes of 
the graduated seniors. With 
Mike Perreault, John Anderson, 
Joe Colclough and Mark 
Thurston the team Looks strong 
and well rounded. With great 
team work, which the team has 
always had, they should have a 
successful season. 

John Anderson, Abasi Bailey, Max Belushko, Jeremy Blumberg, 
Ian Brant, Peter Brown,Greg Bycoff, Joe Campbell, Joe 
Colclough, Pat Driscoll, Steven Gudmand, Gabriel Hartnett, 
Gary Hedrick, Brian Kirby, Jack Kovatch, Andrew Leahy, Pat 
Michaels, Aaron Pearl, Mike Perreault, Pat Preston, Dave 
Rizzotto, Mike Shea, Brendan Shea, Tim Wright, Damian Z. 


Boys Tennis 

Mark Osier 

Yuhan Vevaina 

Mark Sullivan 

Keep smilin' guys!! 

The Boy's Team had a great season in '94. Although it 
was a largely underclassmen team^ the seniors gave their all 
and left with a bang. They made it through the snow covered 
courts and had a season they'll never forget. The boys would 
especially like to thank Coach Ron Barterus for everything he 

has done. Best of luck to the seniors y and of course: 

Good Luck Next Year! 


Girls Tennis 

Melissa Mills 

Danielle Flaherty 

Sarah Servetnick 

Libby Callahan 

Captains: Allison McCabe & Daniele Flaherty 

r^y ~1 

T/ze ^i>/5 tennis team had a 
great season. They were led by Co- 
Captains - Alison McCabe and 
Daniele Flaherty, and 2nd Seniors - 
Sarah Servetnick, Laura Gillooly, 
and Kim Scroll. The girls had a 
great season in '93 with a 15-1 
record. They finished first place in 
the Atlantic Coast League. The 
seniors would especially like to 
thank Mrs. Sides for all her encour- 
agement and for being a great 
coach. We'll miss her. 

^^ o 

I' a*'.^- <«■■■■■■■, 

Kim Seroll 

Jenn Ross 



Jenn Ross, Tiffany Villani, Daniele Flaherty, Laura Gillooly, Sarah Servetnick, Allison McCabe, 
Carin Ganz 

^^''^^^ j^ 






Capt. — Tricia Costello 

Capt. — Sherill Anne DiGiusto 


^ * 



Top Row - Kelly Boyle, Jen Rqffetto, Megan Kane, Coach Skip Mortimer, 
Stacey Hadayia, Megan Brett, Renee Lehane, Pam Healy 

Bottom Row - Lora Marcella, Emily McMorrow, Nicole Travis, 
Sherill Anne DiGiusto, Corey Mullen, Tricia Costello, 
Daniele White, Debby Elsden 

Coming off of a much improved 
season the Hingham Girls Softball 
team was very optimistic for the '94 
season. Defeating the top two teams, 
Randolph and Whitman-Hanson, the 
girls were confident for a good 
season Co-captains Tricia Costello 
and Sherill Anne DiGiusto led the 
girls team and seniors Debby Elsden, 
Lora Marcella, and Emily 
McMorrow were key assets to the 
success of the team. The Harbormen 
are also looking forward to the 
contribution of seniors Heather 
Ohman, Hilary Parsons, and Molly 
Wehter. The team would like to 
thank coach Mortimer for a great 
season and good luck in the '95 




11*4.*.-. •***• i . 

Coach Skip Mortimer 


Debby Elsden 

Lora Marcella 

Emily McMorrow 

Heather Ohman 

Hilary Parsons 

Molly Wehter 



Jamie Duff 

Steve Melia 

Ldsl season proved very suc- 
cessful for the Baseball team. 
They ended with a 12-6 record, 
and traveled to the chcnnpion- 
ship ^a)}ies where they lost to 
Catholic Meniorial, in 9 in-}^s. The team hopes to 
continue their success this 
season with seniors Steve 
Melia. Jamie nuj'f, (he'_^ Porter. 
Will Collins, and M(U-k Dre.xel. 
The team would like to thank 
Coach Carrii^an for his enthu- 
siasm and determination. 





The golf team had a great season, 
finishing with 7 wins and 9 losses. The 
weather last spring set the team back 8 
practice days, but a record number of 33 
hopefuls tried out for the team. This 
season the team expects to be even better, 
since many juniors and sophomores 
gained experience last year. This season 
the team is led by captain Pete Carpenter 
and senior John Mahoney. The entire golf 
team would like to thank Mr. Curran for 
his support throughout the season. 

Peter Carpenter 







Ryan Lynch Justin Amaral Chip Brackley Eric Auger 

Adam Hurst 

Mark Drexel 

Eric Soule 

Jamie Duff 

"Wake up my princess!" 


Love at first tackle 

"Excuse you!' 

Ryan Lynch, Geoff Dillard, Mike Sicbbins, Sieve Shore, Mike Amaml, 
Justin Amaral (Captain), Chip Bracklcy (Capmin), Mall Camilleri, Wes 
Marcks, Corey Farina, Jack Kovalch, Sieve Leonard, Taylor Lofgrcn, 
Greg Bycoff, Andrew Colanlonio, Mall Godfrey, Eric Auger (Captain), 
Kevin Lynch, Russ Willis, Tim Slcpan, Adam Hursi, Matt DeCourccy, 
Joe Watkins, Chris Bridges, Kevin Mancici, Sean Folley, Mark Drcxcl, 
Marco Agostino, John Welsh, Mike Messina, Dana Monland, Eric 
Soule, Brendon Kiernan, Pat Michaels, Charlie Sayer, Jamie Duff. 

f "You take it... 

No, you take it!" 

"I am Hanz, and I am Franz. 

"It's mine and you can't have it!" 

"Men, men, men, men..." 


Football Cheerleading 

We had a very successful season this 
year, starting in April and ending on 
Thanksgivini> day. After attending UCA 
camp, in Boston, we came hack with 
many superior awards. Despite several 
injuries, we pulled through better than 
ever before. Always remember: UCA A 
Bert's blue eyes, "Grab It", Mickey Sc 
the Immobilizers, Mama shark, D/Y, 
Weston Highway, 4th of .July, Home- 
coming, 5\, Twinkle & Scooter Pie, 
Waiters at Friday's, Afterglow, "Survey 
says..." Squat position #6, Convict, For- 
ma-tion!, Don't trip! Good luck to the 
girls next year! 

Captains: Lisa Gay & Caroline David 

Captains: Caroline David & Lisa Gay 

Stacey Seremetis, Susan Silverio, Amy Barbuto, Tar a 

Smith, Kelly Donahue, Tara Foster, Jill Ryan, Beverly 

Mather, Shelly Arkell, Jean O'Brien, Jen Shea, Amanda 



.-■I.----,- . --^^j^w _, jv«^.. -v;^.!.y7K«(w>,g-f^...?iak,. 

Life at practice! 


Field Hockey 

The team had a successful season with a 
record of 6-7-3. Despite being a young team, they 
quickly learned to work together and win. They 
held tough against rivals D.Y. and Sandwich and 
managed an incredible win against Duxbury. The 
team was led by captains Liz Keegan and Nicky 
Vesey and seniors Chrissy Ostrowski, Sara 
Donlan, Katy Leahy, Kelly McPherson, Laura 
LeClair and Melissa Carpenter. The team would 
like to thank Ms. Gordon for sticking with them 
through the wins and losses. The seniors would 
like to wish the rest of the team a great season 
next year. We will miss you Mandy! ! ! 

Alyssa Porter, Liz Dacey, Andrea Camalari, Sara Noblet, Susan OHare, Beth 
Connolly, Liz Wesson, Kelly DeRubis. Tricia Flatley, Debbie Costello, 
Geogette Baxter, Beth Costello, Liz Keegan (C), Nicki Vesey (C), Katy Leahy, 
Chrissy Ostrowski, Melissa Carpenter, Laura LeClair and Sara Donlan. 


Katy Leahy 

Liz Keegan 


Boys/Girls Cross Country 

The Cross Country team raced to 
their personal best this year. The Girl's 
had a .500 season with a record of 3-3 and 
the Boys finished with a record of 3-5. 
Desire and spirit were shown by all both in 
practice and in competition. The team 
was led by captains Brenda Fitzpatrick, 
Kerri Piatt, Dave Rizzotto, and Brendan 
Tully. Highlights of the season: Girls 11th 
instate Meet, Guys destroyed Middlet>oro, 
Smiling guy. Exposed, Socks, Track work- 
outs, Worlds End-the hill, Pastafests, shake 
and bake, candy stripes, and of course 
L-S-D. Thanks to the team and Mr. 
Ryan for a great season. 

Megan Laundregan, Katie Allen, Megan Black, 
Christine Haggery,Jean Healy, AUysa Thorvaldson, 
Maura Black, Amy Matthews, Katie Haggerty, 
Jessica Griffin, Chariene Danielson, Brenda 
Fitzpatrick, Kerri Piatt, and Emily Griffin. 




^'^r-;^*- r ^ 

u'^* K 





Kerri Piatt 

Brenda Fitzpatrick Emily Griffin 

Allsun Madigan 

Brendan TuUy 

Mike Perreault 

John Anderson 

Seth Wilson,Ben Dunn, KC Cooper, Andrew 
Leahy, Matt Frucci, Mike Shea, Jeremy Friedman, 
Charlie Driggs, Nick Lamb, Eric Hagopian, Nick 
Golding, Mike Perreault, Brendan TuUy, Dave 
Rizzotto and John Anderson. 



The Hingham High Girl's Soccer Team 
started practicing for the season during 
the summer getting in shape. They start- 
ed their season off not only in shape but 
with a new coach. With positive attitudes 
and a willingness to play, the team was 
off to a good start. Although their record 
was 3, 10 and 2, this didn't reflect their 
ability. Working hard, the team didn't for- 
get to have a fun and exciting season 

Laurie Hunt 

-.-.-,<.,.:. --J -g-:-.3tM^^>- 

Laurie Hunt, Allison Doyle, Debby Elsden, Cristy Gigon, 

Anne Watson, Liz Barry, Jen Durgin, Hilary Parsons, 

Sherrill Anne Digiusto, Gina Rizzotto, Patty Mahoney, 

Coach Kristen Harkins, Katie Ryan, Meg Valas, 

Rori Sullivan, Kristina Sullivan, Alyssa York, Joyelle Hirsh, 
Elena Hanish, and Jen Layden. 


Boys Soccer 


Tom Buba 





L.^-\ \^ ^ 


1 ^w^ 

J*- ^ 

1 f ^ <A 



^ A» ■ 



«Hfei^3r *^<iiM 


N* ^ 


Girls Basketball 

Sherrill Anne Digiusto 

For the '93-'94 season the Hingham Girl's 
Basketball Team had a sucessful season. 

Co-captains Jen Durgin and 
Sherrill Anne Digiusto led the way for a 
winning season. Also returning seniors 
Lisa Monticone and Debby Elsden were 
key players contributing their skill and 
dedication to the sucess of the team. 
With a tough loss to Rockland in the play- 
offs last year, the Girl's team started off the [ 
season defeating Rockland 48-42. The 
seniors would like to thank Coach Mortimer 
for a great season and best of luck in the 
years to come. 

"We're recruiting him" 

Left to Right: Lisa Monticone, Jenn Durgin, Sherrill Digusto 
Debby Elsden 


mk ^W% ' 

. i 


Captains- Jenn Durgin, Sherrill Anne Digusto 

Andrea Camaleri, Christie Gigon, Katie Ryan, 
Nicki Travis, Liz Dacey, Gina Rizzato, Beth 
Connolly, Lisa Monticone, Jen Durgin, Sherrill- 
Ann Diguisto, Debby Elsden, Christina Sullivan 



r ' 

Jamie Santacroce John Pollick 

Co-Capt: C.Faiina, J.Santacroce 

Seniors: J.Santacroce, J.Pollick 

Back Row: Mitch Powers, Grant McCarey, JeffDillard, Adam Cole, Jimmy 

Humphry, Daryll Jefferson, 
Front Row: Pat Driscoll, Mike Amarall, Jamie Santacroce, Corey Farina, John 

Pollac, Matt Godfrey. 


Hey! I'm having a lightbulb! We have 
15 minutes 'till game time and 9 out of 
12 girls. No problem getting half-time 
together. Congratulations to all the 
girls for pulling through every setback 
imaginable. It was hard work but we 
always had our good times: Which 
song? Shake 5,6,7,8..., Airball, sloths, 
the Duxbury player wiping out half the 
squad. Referee McGoo, My butt hurts!, 
Nicole's skirt, and of course "Have you 
been drinking?" Best of luck to all the 
girls next year! To all the seniors: May 
you cheer again without Hostess 
Pastries undeifoot! "We believe in you!" 

Captains: Lisa Gay, Bev Mather 



Tara Foster, Jean O'Brien, Shelly Arkell 

"Bom to hand jive, baby!" 



7 ''^B^^^^l 


^4_W, J7I" 




m!^ V 

•^ JTH" 



No pain, no gain 


Hi h ^ A J'm. m^: , : ^^ 

Dan Buckley, Ben Nasto, Dana Mortland, Matt Berra, Tim 
Steppan, Eric Soule, Coach Dimarino, Jamie Duff, Grant 
Flynn, Dan Edson, Kevin Lynch, Jason Henley, Coach 
Barges, Taylor Lofgren, Ed Fleming, Greg Bycoff, Boh 
Bleidon, Conor Fahey, Greg Youssejf, Joe Gratta 


The 93-94 edition of the Hingham Hockey 
team was dominated by the underclassmen. 
Lead by co-captains John Mahoney and 
Kurt Wilner as the only two Seniors, the 
tiarbormen looked to a handful of Juniors 
and a plethora of talented Freshmen and 
Sophomores to play key roles. After last 
years graduation wiped out the core of 
forwards on the team, they looked to a 
strong defense, lead by John Mahoney, 
Dave Delgallo and Kurt Wilner, as the 
foundation for the team. This years team 
looked to capture their 5th straight league 
title and another strong bid for the State 


John Mahoney 

Coach Reagan &V Captains 

Kurt Wilner 


Girls Winter Track 

Monica Mendes 


Kerri Piatt 

Emily Griffin 

Gretchen Hersey 



Dana Dunlap, Gretchen Hersey, Monica Mendes, Kerri Piatt, Lisa Foster, 
Christine Haggarty, Susan Layden, Jen Layden, Janice Martin, Stacey Olsen, 
Gate Quirk, Susan Rowe, Rori Sullivan, Liz Wesson, Megan Black, Erin 
Garpenter, Golleen Dalton, Stephanie Davis, Jean Healy, Stacy Herbold, Nicole 
Keiley, Patty Mahoney, Amy Matthews, Ana McKenna, Helene Norton, Beth 
Paulding, Elisabeth Sullivan, Alyssa Thorvaldson, Danielle Weber, Gindy 
Biegel, Maura Black, Gassie Brouse, Caroline Finlay, Katy Folven, Liz W, 



Mike Perreaiilt 

John Anderson 

Working well together in this 
season of bitter winds and frozen 
grounds the team focused on the 
common goal of winning. As for 
each athlete, the commitment and 
determination was shown as they 
each had an individual vision. With 
the experience of the upperclassmen 
combined with the courage and 
perseverance of the underclassmen 
the team looked to be a top competi- 
tor among the league's best. 

John Anderson, Michael Perreault, Mark Thurson, Andrew 
Leahy, Pat Michaels, Aaron Pearl, Josh Prime, Dave Rizzotto, 
MUce Sweeney, Brendan Shea, Tim Murphy, Josh Sylvester, 
Andrew Hurst, Greg Bhss, Andy Lane, Mark Murphy, Mike 
Piatt, Nick Skrine, Bob Wessen, Jon Winslow, and Jeremy 


"Oh (©*!#-•• 

"I wear short shorts." 


The Hingham High Gymnastics 
team experienced a rebuilding year 
in 1994 after regaining as the 1993 
Old Colony League Champions. 
The talent and spirit of the team 
was led strongly by senior captain 
Jennifer Hussey. Jenn, along with 
the other team members (photo not 
available), would like to thank their 
coach and friend Janice Murray for 
her dedication, leadership, enthusi- 
asm, and optimism over the past 
four years. 

*» y. 

W ,v 

Jennifer Hussey 


. - 4>., 



NO O^****""* 

■ H«S' 


NO ««>""■ _ 

*^ IT mT !►«»«« **** 

ft*** B^» " $1A»*^ *^ iol» »♦ 


Student Council 

President : Steve Baker 
V. President : Suzanne Stonehouse 

Secretary : Anne Ryberg 
Treasurer : Daniele Flaherty 

Activities Committee 


Concerns Committee 

Publicity Committee 

The Student Council strives to achieve a better way of life for 
H.H.S. and for the community as a whole. One of our great- 
est achievements this year was establishing a program to 
award seniors with a "B" or better average throughout the 
year, in any subject, exemption from that courses final. We 
also worked to give back as much possible to society. This 
year each class donated to a specific charity. We hope that 
we've left H.H.S. a desire to continue to pursue these goals, 
and to set new ones for the future. 

Fundraising Committee 

Class Officers 

President : Alison Campbell 

Vice President : Elena Hanish 

Secretary : Dana Dunlap 

Treasurer : Kerri Piatt 


^JFl.»^""^^^x^» /l3» 


Co-Presidents : Melissa Carpenter & Heather Callahan 

Co-Vice Presidents : Ane Coughlin & Chris sy Hie key 

Secretaries : Katie Herzig &. Melissa Mills 

The American Field Setyices, which 
is one of the biggest clubs at Hing- 
ham High, had a very exciting year. 
Our many activities included a 12 
hour dance-a-thon, an international 
host weekend, a rake for charity, a 
state exchange, and many other 
events. This year wouldn't have been 
such a success without the help of 
Co-Presidents Melissa Carpenter & 
Heather Callahan, Vice-Presidents 
Ane Coughlin & Chrissy Hickey, 
Secretaries Katie Herzig & Melissa 
Mills, and everyone else who partici- 
pated. This years A.F.S. was also 
honored to sponsor four exchange 
students: Jennifer Watson, Conny 
Rasmussen, Julio Caraballo, and 
Lionel Busschaert. 




Foreign Exchange Students 

Jennifer Watson : Australia 

Conny Rasmussen : Greenland 

Julio Caraballo : Dominican Republic 

Lionel Busschaert : Belgium 


S, A, D. D, 

The Hingham High chapter 
of Students against Drunk Driving 
has had a very successful year as 
one of the biggest clubs in the 
school. We have worked to end death 
and injury due to drinking and 
driving, underage drinking, and drug 
abuse. April's National SAD J). 
month was a huge success. Remem- 
ber, friends don't let friends drive 
drunk. Good luck class of 1994! 






4'th of July Parade Float 

Vice-Presidents: Beverly Mather and Tara Foster 

President Jill Ryan 

Secretary: Jean O'Brien Publicities: Natalie Flvnn 



The members of this year's Amnesty Interna- 
tional are: Allison McCabe, Lucas Kimball, 
Kim Seroll, Melissa Mills, Laura Gillooly, Eric 
Juhola, Aiden O'Hare, Jeremy Snyder, Kerri 
Piatt, Allsun Madigan, Abby Klima, Heather 
Finlay, Katie Megs, Sarah Daubenspeck, Gary 
Hedrick, Dave Perkins on, Chris Millburg, 
Mariah Manley, Jen Arend, Cindy Gargano, 
Steve Melia, Steve Baker, Suzanne Stonehouse, 
Matt Sanocki, Courtney Ryan, Allison White, 
Liz Leek, Beth Murphy. 



Drama Club 

Tony Modano- Co-President 

Sarah Blowers- Co-President 

Susannah Hills- Treasurer 
Anne Harris- Secretary 

The Class of 1994 has seen many fabulous Musicals 
including: "Anything Goes," "Fiddler on the Roof," 
"42nd Sti-eet," and this year's "Fame," with seniors 
Sarah Blowers, Susannah Hills, Abby Klima, Matt 
Sanocki, Ryan Overbeck, and Joel Ciovacco in lead 
roles. Also, the HHS Drama Club has been all the 
way to the New England level of the Drama Festival, 
with the entry of "Dogg's Hamlet," in 1991, and with 
their entries of "A Midsummers Night's Dream," in 
1992, and "Fortress" last year, the club made the 
Semi-Final Round. This year, the Drama Club hopes 
to continue its winning tradition with this year's entry 
" A Competition Piece." In the spring, there will be the 
productions for Thespian Night, and Senior One Act 
Plays. Break a leg, Seniors!! 

Thespian Society 




Chorus Officers 

Top L-R: 
Bryan Hurley, 
Emily Bartholomew, 
Aidan 0'Hara,Eric Juhola, 
Claire Whitner. 

Bottom L-R: 
Susannah Hills, Melissa 
Mills, Chrissy Hickey, 
Shannon Hedrick. 








Seniors: Libby Callahan, Megan Maloney, Loren McAllister, Alison McCabe, Anne 
Ryberg, Suzanne Stonehouse, Brendan Tully 

Officers: Beth Paulding, Colleen Dalton, Christine Haggerty, Me- 
gan Maloney, Chris MacMullen, Alison McCabe, Anne Ryberg, 
Andy Schomer, Brendan Tully 

This year, the Orchestra has 
continued to practice and per- 
form their music, working 
hardy while having fun. After 
receiving a standing ovation 
for "The Nutcracker Suite" at 
the Winter Concert and win- 
ning three awards in Washing- 
ton B.C. last year, we are hop- 
ing for the same success at the 
All Town Concert, Spring Con- 
cert, and at the festival in 




The Band has had a wonderful 

year in music, welcoming the new 

director, Doug Wauchope. After a 

successful Winter concert, the band 

looks forward to the annual Spring 

concerts and The Musical Festival 

trip, This year's competition in 

Montreal will doubtlessly be a 

memorable and award winning 

experience. Everyone will always 

remember the high praise and 
merit earned on past trips to Vir- 
ginia, New York, Washington D.C., 
and many other unforgettable and 
enjoyable concerts. 


Seniors: Meghan Connolly, Caroline David, Daniele Flaherty, Grant Flynn, Mark Galpin, 
Julie Hallett, Lucas Kimball, David McHardy, Mark Osier, Conny Rasmussen, Jenn 
Ross, Mark Sullivan 

Officers: Caroline David, Luke Davenport, Andy Lemoff, Mike Mes- 
sina, Grant McCarey, Kurt Muller, Mark Osier, Jenn Ross, Charlie 


WHHS TV is Hingliam High School's 
TV station. Every morniiii^ durini> 
homeroom the morning announce- 
ments are broadcasted live from the 
studio. Once a week, the announce- 
ments are taped on location, some- 
where in Hingham. The members of 
the WHHS TV are the technicians 
and the announcers. Throughout 
the year members of the WHHS TV 
crew go out and tape school events. 
Students, clubs, and events are 


The senior video is a video yearbook. 
Its purpose is to show different 
activities the students in the senior 
class have done. There are club 
activities, music, concerts, basic 
every day activities, and even clips 
from elementry school. The goal of 
the video is for graduates to take out 
this tape years from now and see 
themselves involved in all these 



The National Honor Society is an 
organization dedicated to sclwlarship, 
leadership, and service. Students are 
nominated by their teachers because of 
their excellence in these areas. 
One of the requirements for membership 
is participation in community service 
projects. The honor society is involved 
in a school wide program designed to 
provide free tutoring to students who 
need academic assistance. The mem- 
bers were involved in a phonc-a-thon to 
benefit the American Heart Association, 
and individual service projects as well. 


The members of this year's 
Math Team are: Mike Meehan, 
Matt Devine, Dan Hollerman, 
Ben Nasto, Bill Modestino, 
Marc Keating, Jed Young, Mike 
Sliney, Pete Vanderweil, Brian 
Aucoin, Alex Nasopolis, Andy 
Lemoff, Alec Johnson, Becky 
Wetzel, Melissa Mills, Amy 
Smith, Mark Galpin. 







The members of this year's 
Volunteer Club are: John 
Anderson, Sean Crane, Alex 
Perillo, Beth Murphy, Susan 
O'Hare, Megan Darling, 
Kathleen Kiernan, Kim 
Stebban, Ellen Martinson, Jen 
Tulis, Anne David, Melissa 
Mills, Brendan Shea, Amy 
Matthews, Erin Carpenter, Ane 
Coughlin, Shannon Hedrick, 
Chrissy Hie key, Caroline 
Einlay, Danielle Elaherty, 
Heather Einlay, Kim Serroll, 
Allison McCabe, Grant Elynn 






Students involved in the 
Biology Club participate in 
greenhouse projects such as 
forcing bulbs, growing herbs, 
and helping in greenhouse 
maintenance. They are also 
involved in maintaining the 
Memorial Court Yard outside 
the I.M.C. This courtyard was 
set up by the P.T.O. to 
commemerate the HllS's family 
members that have died. 


The Oceanography Club is a 
volunteer club based on the HHS 
oceanography program. Club mem- 
bers act as ocean resource specialists 
and teacher aides in Hingham's 
elementary schools. Club members 
set up and maintain salt water aquari- 
ums, create games, stories and 
projects for the elementary school 
students. The Club also take trips to 
local aquariums and marine aquari- 

The club is co-chaired by Heather 
Ohman and Beckianne Mersey and is 
advi.sed by Mr. Crowley. 


Students For Environmental Action 

Officers: Abby Klima, Lucas Kimball, Aidan 

O'Hare, Dave Perkinson, Eric Juhola, and Amy 
Kaye (Left to Right) 

Diversity Club 


Advisor — Mr. Boddie 

Photography — Heather Finlay 

To the Class of 1994: 
After many long 
hours, deadlines and alot 
of hard work, we finally 
emerged from the graphic 
arts room with a finished 
product we are proud of. 

We hope you all 
had a great senior year. 
We think this yearbook 
will let you hold on to 
HHS memories forever. 
Congratulations to 
all ofthe Class of 1994 
and good luck in all the 
years to come. 


.'■r -*c*.^-1« 


- .f* 




i ^^ ws:. 1 


^^^ '^^^^^^^Ktk^ ^^^^^H 


#W^''^^-' _^^^^^^' 

Business — Lora Marcelia 

Sports - Chrissy Ostrowski 


s — 

This is what yearbook does to me. 

New frame of mind? 

I don't know what I'm doing, yet. 

I didn't touch anything!!! 

Mr. Fabio??? 

I'm all cropped out. 

Cut and Paste. 

Now, this is what you do. 

Computer slave. 



Junior Prom 1993 

"You mean I can come next year too?" 

All I want to know is, who made the dinner? 

"Where's my date?" 


A touch of class. 

Oh What A Night. . . 


Junior Awards 


Pack The Place 
Homecoming ^93 

Court: Elena, Dana, Ed, Chip, Allison, Justin 





Of course we have the best float! 


We are the champions! 

V >ir^4jH^ 

1 .: ^ 




r W 


Homecoming V3 



Most Original - Kerri Piatt 

Best Overaii - Signe DeWaltojf 

Scariest - Heather Ohman 



1 1 

m '■ _. 


B^^^^^^^S^^^^^^^^Bp ^H 




;- ^^pP^^HaBHAu y^ft^W 





tip Neill, 1912-1^ 





:ftSH«ON ' 


thePMt A 

in a thousand years, what w>ill they say about us? 
that we put 1028 bits on a comRuter chip? 
that we could clap on, an4 clap b^f? 
that we all had riding lawnmowers?""- , 

or that we helped our homeless ■ "~ '; 

fed our children '. 

stood by our sick 

that we cared for each other 

■■- " "housand years, wh^^ -"o you want them to say? 










aron Stone 



» *«. 


I I 


Ttiis IS the ma 

Denzel Washington 







' ^*T 



(^ hi 


I h t: K-' 

The Jackson 











^ l^ft* 








Circus life, ^4 

under fhe big 
^ fop u/orld, 

**^^ all need 
llf^ fhe elou/nj 

fo make 
us laugh... 

I«5 " 











y n i«^ 

< >. 


■ HnJa 

• Liie ts <^ series ot mi 

y€ ou^a^rs'' 

**These are the days you'll remember. When May 
is rushing over you with desire to be a part of 
miracles you see in every hour. You'll know 
true that you are blessed and lucky. IVs true 
you are touched by something that will grow 
bloom in you... 

These are the days.' 







if e is just a drag 

Joey M 


Nice glasses, Adam! 

Help, I can't find my underwear! 


I'm too sexy for this school! 

Nice doo! 

We're sooo cute!! 

YouVe Come A Long Way Baby... 

^/^Qil^ ^ 

/ think my curls are too tight. 

Just a little higher and I can see! 

I Love Pictures! 

J ^ 


'"^ ^^ - 

JlM , il' .-- J' 



Don't be shy, Bev! 

How you doing, mon? 


V^e are just so huge! 

Would you trust him? 

have no clue! 

I love this girl! 

I'm not really a dumb blonde! 


Vroom Vroom 

Friends f Family 
And Patrons 


164 NORTH STREET HINGHAM, MA 02043 (617) 749-4340 

Congratulations Graduates! 

George /Vt. JLoring^ 



HINGHAM. MA 02043 


(617) 749-8060 



HINGHAM, MA 02043 


(617) 749-4955 Sales & Service 
(617) 269-3200 Central Station 


Burglar • Fire • Hold-up • 24 Hour Central Station 

gifts and decorative accessories 



40B North St. 
Hingham, MA 02043 

HINGHAM. MA 02043 

61 7/749-2656 

DeWolfe Real Estate 


56 South St. 

Hingham, MA 02043 

Tel. (617) 749-4300 

FAX (617) 740-1339 

Lorraine F. Alessi 
• Assorted Chocolates & Truffles 
• Unique Gift Packaging 
'Gift Items 


Confectionery for the Discriminating 
53 South Street 
(617) 749-6462 Hinghnm, Massachusetts 02043 

Tel. 749-9701 


ftro i 


29 Station Street 

John' Tony 'Pat 

Specialists In Penooal Hairstyling 
Adults • Young Adults • Children 

Congratulations and 

Best Wishes 
Class of 1994 from all 

of us at 
DeWolfe New England! 


hair salon 



/i\l pi briidl^ggg^^^? 


Ristorante & Pizzeria 


21 1 Lincoln St. (Rte 3A) Hingham, MA 


"Calgon, take me away!" 

"He did it! 

"What do you want?" 

"Hey baby, what's up?" 

"Where's the party?" 

"I think Joyelle needs a shower." "Hey Sexy!" 


We are family! 

Do you know her? 

Signe-1 don't think you can 



"I can do anything if I put my mind to it!" 








Congratulations Lora, Rich, and 

The Class of 1994! 

Overhead Door Company of Boston 

division of door engineering 
300 Weymouth Street Rockland, Mass. 02370 




BUS 617 - 871-3850 

t-800 . 427-8282 

FAX 617 - 878-3550 






Hingham High School 

Class of 1994 

Success and Happiness 

In All Future 


Best Wishes to 

Bread Winners! 




107 South Street 

Hingham, MA 02043 

Tel. (617) 741-5223 

Phone: (617) 74^2489 

ft'/U^ -Atm^ i 


222 North Street 

Hingham, MA 02043 

His & Her Hairstyling 

Perms - Colois 

Sculptured Nails ■ Waxing 

Badals - Men's Salon (New) 

Congratulations to 
The Class of 1994! 

Always Remember - 

Friends Don 7 Let Friends 

Drive Drunk 

Hingham High 
Students Against Drunk Driving 


Just be who you are 
No more and nothing less 

Cast aside the rest 

and look into your heart. 

Just be who you are 

You can't be what you're not 

Take hold of what you've got 

and hold your head up high 

Expect the best, 

and just be who you are. 

-Sue & Tina 


Love Always, 

Mom, Dad, Napo, Josie, 

Mao-san, and Pippin 


Your kindness, sensitivity and generosity of 
spirit leave all you touch happier 


4 Love, 

Mom & Dad 

We're very proud of you. 
Best of luck in the year's 
ahead. Love, 

Dad & Mom 


We love you & we're 
proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, & Jon 

It is good to have an end 
to journey towards; but 
it is the journey that 
matters in the end. 



So precious then, and now. 

We are so proud! 

Mom, Dad, &. Mark 


Dad, Mom, B+T+R+J+A 



Not to look back and 
wonder what if... 
But look forward and 
wonder what can be. 

All our love and support. 
Mom, Dady & Anthony 


May all your 
dreams come true!! 


Always keep that smile 
We love you! 
Mom & Dad 






Mum, Erin, Heather, and Siobhan 


We are very proud of you! 


Mom, Dad, Andre, 
& Christian 

























H((JIR( % 








y^^Bv y^^Bv 

I I 




53 1 Pleasant Street 

Brockton. MA 0240 1 


"Your Official School Photographer" 




Hingham High School 

class of 1994 


Hingham Federal Credit Union 

19 Fort Hill Street 

Hingham MA. 02043 


788 Country Way 

North Scituate, MA. 



Thank You 

Rachille Achille: Thanx to my Mom, Dad, Aunt, and Uncle, and my friends Jurlin, Murlin, Durlin, and Kurlin and my 

sister and my new baby brother or sister. 

Robert T. Achille: Thank you Mom, Dad, Mike, Lora and I give great thanks to my chevy, Keith, Tami, Will, Andy, Joe, 

Nick and Tony. 

Christina Agostino: Thanks to my Mom and Dad who were there for mc all during high school. Thanks to Maureen and 

Kim, never could'vc done it without you guys! I'll never forget you! 

Michael Agostino: Thanks Mom and Dad. Naked Jakes been real but not real enough. I will always remember the battle 

and the basement. Are you talking to me Lopez, Jerry Chant Yahoo Serious Atomic Punk MC tut Taylor and snoops and the 

Phantom and C Barrel. 

Justin Amaral: A friend is one who knows you as you are, understands where you've been, accepts who you've become and 

helps you grow.-Thanks to everyone for all the great times, and thanks Mom and Mike for always being there. 

John Anderson: Thank you to my beloved family, Chris, Joel, Beck, Katie, Meg, Nikki, de boyz of track, fellow thespians, 

all the wicked cool AFScrs and the rest of my Fan Club for being such nice people. 

Steven K. Anderson: There's been too many good times and friends to name names. You know who you are, Thanx and 

good luck class of 1994. Always remember. 

Shelly Arkell: Thanks- Mom, Dad, Howie, Rich, Kim, Roni, Amy, Dan, Ben, Sarali, Melca, Jose, Stash, Mark, Gabe» Sean, 

RiChj The squad, Tara, Bcv, Lisa, Jill, Jean, Natalie, Julie M., Hcalher-wish you were here! Monica I will miss you all I won't 

forget the memories we've made! 

Steve Baker: Thanks Mom and Dad for all the support throughout the years. Thanks to all my friends for all the fun times: 

BP,SM, GM» CO, MC, Al, DF, JK. MO, EL, JM, SD, LL, JC, LG, SB, HC.TB, SE. Thanks to the Student Council Officers 

fbrallthe^help:SS;DF,AR. ■^. ^■ :;; :. ;;;;;,::;::;:;.V::v-:;;\':^ ■ 

Christie Baldacchino: Thanks Mom, Dad, t)ah, Mai, and all my friends and family. I couldn't have made it without you. 

Anthony R« Barbuto: Thank you Mom, Dad, Danny, Mrs. Ruggbrio for helping mb through my high school years. 

Liz Barry: Thanks Mom, Dad, Katie, and Sam for all your help, thanks to niy friends for all the good times-you know who 

you are. And especially Chris thank you for always being there for me. 

Christopher A. Bartolotti: Thanks Mom, Dad, and family. Thanks Johnny A., Mike Gambino, and Tonny Nuzzo. 

Nicole L. Belushko: Mom, Dad-for love and support. Eric, Max, Joyelle-every things: eternally lust-33 Jill-who never forgot 

me-camp Rich-accepting mc as is and for all the tioublc. Suc-soulmates, Kaly-saving mc. Jcrms-love. Sieve-always being 

there,Kris, Angela, Julie, Kcll, Bri, Dave,and Lib. 

Julie Berman: "I can't remember who met who first all 1 can remember is us always being together" Thanks: Lora, my 

chauffeur;Allsun, my grape partncr;Kim,my Stress buddy; Libby,my school pal; Vicki, Emily, Joy, Tan, Nick, Kirst. "Live 

your life with one big smile" G.D. 

Sarah Blowers: M+D-1 owe everything to your love and support. L+H-The licxt years fly by-Don't forget to have fun!Sue- 

You're the best friend I could ever have. Tlianx babe! MA-I miss you! To my friends-Ybu're the greatest! Thanx for the best 

yearSdf my life! GOOD LUCK 

Michael Bongiorno: My past four years would like to thank the following: light, space, lime, energy, hope, all things 

unscientific, the musically innovative, the Residents, Johnny Marr, Mr. Bates, The llluminati, Top Cat, coffee, and all of my 

frieiids. Hi Ame. 

David Boretti: Thanks Paul for all the slick and jams and cvcrthing else. Thanks skinny fat posse, house of funk. Summer 

was the best thank you Cohasset Crew, Penelope, Christine, Amy, Ann, Linzey. Tripp watch yourself, Tripp=tfun. Gary take 

it easy, Marc we had the times. Byc; ^ 

Chip Brackley: Thanks Mom, Dad, Meg; and JW, JM, EA, AH, EF, ES, JD, JH, JA, 

Caryn Brooks: I's like to thank Joie, Katie, Boku, and Heather for being such good friends to mc. I'd also like to thank Mr. 

Low, Mr. Bliss, Mr. Lacaiell and Mr. Poole. Having good teachers makes school alot easier. Thank you Mr. McCleoud for 

being a wicked cool Principal. 

Jennifer Brown: Thank you to Erica, Hilary, Lisa, Signe, Katie, Sarah,, and CBW es]). Nan Keating, and special 

thanks to Mom, Dad, Matt, Kim, and the entire Banon family. 

Heather Callahan: Although we'll go our .separate ways we'll never forget the great friends we've become. You guys mean 

the worid to me. Thanks Pete for two unforgettable yrs. It's a true test. Thanks Mom, Dad and Jeff for being herc through it 

all. Hove you. 

Libby Callahan: Dad, Paul, MJ, Mrs. Spruill and Erica, thanks for all you've done and always being there. I luv you all! 

Thanks to my friends Meg, Julie, and Jenn. 0!, Hunch, Vickiloria, Teach, drive bys, STRESS, Dave!, Bruins buddy, late, 

friday nltes, pixies! Thank 4 the memories! 


Thank You 

Jennifer Callahan: Thanks Mcmti and Grandma, I would have never made it this far alone. To the rest of my femily and friends in 

New Yoiic, and Chris, Thank you. 

Julk) Caraballo: Thank you: To a great town with a great school and wonderful peq)Ie. To all those who made this AFS year an 

unfcrgettable experience. To the Harrises f(x teaching me all the values of the American family. To AFS» Eric, Melissa, Jenny, 


Melissa Carpenter: Thanks to all my friends for great years. Ashley & Chri$sy,.,You mean so much to me-I will never fcrget you! 

Mom, Dad, Jenn, Tim, Grammy, & family- you have given me more love and support than I probably desoved! Thank you- you 

are the best Hove you all! 

Peter Carpenter: Thanks to my family and friends for making the last 18 years the best years of my life. 

Joel H, Ciovacco: Thanks to Dr. Capers and Mr, Higgins fw the encouragement and c^jpurtunities to act and sing. Thanks to my 

friends fcr the fiin we all had doing those things. 

Hilary Cdantonio: Thanx to all my friends for being thoefcr me through everything! Ibveyouguys! SD, LM, ML, ES, TM, 

KD, FTL. Though we're apart, you're in my heart. NV, LX, KL, TC, DD, JD, DE, AD, KV, LE M+D ILU! Sig Plever! Tim ILU! 

To everyCHie I wish you hajfpiness I MEAT bve HC. 

Joe Colcloiigh: Thank you friends for the greats at HHS. Thanks Jill, all the cheerleaders, Gracci, Natalie for all the advice. Thank 

you Laura, Steve, Chris, Mark, Gretchen, Mere, Trackies, Steve H., and SD, ON. Juni(x {nrom 1993. "How's your head?" 

Will CoUins: Thanks Mom and Dad, Andy, Uz, Bob, Tony, Shaggy, Nick, Grandma, Grandpa, ET, Stacey, Oh yeah, Keith and 

Tami too. I couldn't have made it without you guys and thank you Grandma A. 

Kathleen CcMinoUy: To all my friends "A true friend is one who thinks you're a good egg even though you're slightly cracked." 

Thanx for all the memories, July 4, NH. Rent fruit, Rockin' R, Joey Fm kxJdng forward to many more. Thanx Eileen, Colleen and 

Mom. 1 love you Dad. XOX. 

M^an Conn(rfIy: Thanks to all my friends and family e^. Julie & Eddie, you guys are the best friends I could've asiced for! Thanks 

Mom, Dad, & Mary- 1 love you! You're the greatest! Good luck Beth and Rachael in whatever you do! Miss you Grandma... Good 

Luck Class of "94! 

Michael J. Qmway: Mom, Dad, Jon, Trent, Marelvis, Lac, Higs, and various other peq^le for making my high school sentence a 

somewhat more j^easant experience. 

Tricia Costello: Thanks to everycxie! A special thanks to my family- Thanks Nfcm+ Dad and I thank you Jimmy! Thanks to all my 

friends the girls and guys trf '94 for the gre^ times and a great 4 years, our greatest times are yet to come. 

Can^e David: Thanks to my Mcmi, Dad, Anne, Friends, and all tfie othejs who have loved me urxxxiditionally. Cheerleaders- U 

R the best! Jazz, Orch, Band, best friends & good music. Becoming who you are, trust, ambitions, joy, & knowledge. It's what 

Hingham pide is all about 

Danielle Delmooico: Thanks Paul for always being there & fcx everything you have done. Egg, I can tip the kleenex box better, m 

never forget the times we had Liz, Pithie, KTV, Martina, Beth, Jamie, Justin, ShcHty, Hilary, Beeve. Thanks Mc»n & Dad & my 


Signe DeWaltoff: Thanks to my family and friends for always being there! I love you guys! 

Sberrill Anne DiGimto: Thanks Mom, Dad + Jim Hove you! Julie (Cape talks and makeovers) love ya cuz. To all my friends, 

thanks for the memories esp. Brw Crw- 1 miss you guys! GcOTge- Thanks for always being there- 1 love ya! GOOD LUCK CLASS 

OF '94! 

Sara Donlan: To my friends we've had a blast! Thanks Gin & Dave fw everything. Thanks Mrs. L. fOT the CCC'S. Thanks Mom, 

Dad, Tom & Brendan, You've been the besti I love you all! 

ADisonDoyle: When I needed saneone to hit I broke your nose when I needed to cry I used your shouldo-, Mikethanks! Toall 

the guys this one's for you, and to being one of the guys, Danielle forever and a day. Thank your mother for giving you a rotten 


MarkDrexel: Thanks to my fath^ and my asters who stuck together through the wcrsL Thanks to those who 

wekxxned me to Hingham (MM, TR). 

Dana Dunlap: Thanks to all my friends. Boidge, JD, EH, LM, LR, TC, NV, KL, LK, CR, SD, KC, AC, SS , DE, HC, Absence 

makes the heart grow fonder. Dad, I love you! MP, JM, thanks for everything. Mom, Mrs. H. I love you! EJ- 

2/3/91- cruise. Tulip, Helga, Mrs. P+S thanks. Good luck '94 TJ. 

Jennifer Durg^: Thanks to evoyone who has helped make the last four years unfOTgettable: DD, LK, NV, LB, KL, DE, AD, EH, 

LH LM, HC, TC, LR, SS, AC, HP, SD, and the guys of '94. Spcl thanks to M, D, J, K, P, S, couWn't have done it without you. Mrs. 

Luce, thanks for all the hdp. 


Sarah Edson: Thanks Mom, Dad, Dave, Julie " ". . . , Mrs. Larry Mullen Jr, (Ha), all my friends, and everyone who's been a 
part of my four years here- I love you guys. 

Douglas W. Eifert: Thanks to Slacey, Thorn, Mikey, Higgs, Mrs. Rehnquist, Mr Garland, Mr. Bates, the Ancient evil one, 
and anyone else tliat taught me something useful. 

Deborah E. Elsden Esq.: Thanks to Maggie, She, Egg, Fuff, Kegs, NH rules. Sledding, the lake pounding, Chez Toi. 
Nookie, Durgy, Rols, Seth, Cioffari, Tash, Yo-P, Burrilo, Bouly. & the rest of my friends. It's not goodbye, it's good luck. 
Lynica M. Emanuello: Thanks Mom, Dad, + Al. A special thanx Alisa D. 2LSSIAFB. And lo everyone I know and trust, 
Thanx 4 the good times! And keep on rock'n in the free world. 

Heather E. Finlay: I made it! Thanks to everyone who made HH S memorable: my family, friends, animals, Matt, Greg and 
NEWC, and all the teachers who put up with my disorganization. 1 love you all. You all helped to make me what I am today: 
Brenda L. Fitzpatrick: Thanks everyone who had put up with my photography and thanks to all my teachers these past four 
years. Special thanks to Mr. Thaxter who got me into photography and to the CC shahe bake crew. Also thanks to Mr. Dirk 
for his unlimited zeal??? 

Bob Flaherty: Thank you to Mom, Dad, Mrs. Ruggiero, Mr. Poole, my sisters and my brother. 

Daniele Flaherty: Thanks Mom & Dad-wilhout you, I wouldn't have made il-I love you! To my friends-thank you for the 
great times, I'll never forget the laughs we had. Even though we're splitting up, I want you to remember, if you ever need a 
friend-you know where to find me. 

Edward T. Fleming: Thanks Mom,Dad, John, and Sally for guiding me through these important high school years. 
Grant Flynn: Thanks to my parents for supporting me in everything that I've done over the past four years. Also, thank you 
to all the teachers, coaches, and friends I've had for making high school a not so bad experience. 

Natalie Flynn: Thanks Mom, Dad, Joel, Rachel, Andres, Bridget and Ted for the love and support we made it! To Jean, 
Lisa, Bob (ILY), John, Stcph, Tee, Bev, Jess, Jill, Jenn, Craig, Mike, Joe, Brendan, Janice, St. Paul's, Monica, GH, tS and 
Caryn: "A lifetime's not too long, to live as friends!" 

Tara Foster: Thanks Mom, Doug, Jilly, Lisa, Dad I couldn't have made it without you guys. I love you guys. Thanx to the 
squad for all the great memories. To my best friends: Tara, Bev, Jean, Jil, Nat, Sue I luv you guys! To the little french man I 
love you!!! 

Craig Friedland: Thank you teachers for all the knowledge, the only stuff that .seems worthy of remembrance. Students, 
thanks for the song lessons and insuring a great college experience in relation to the hell you put me through here. 
Jonathan Frucci: Thank you Mom, Dad, Jay, and Matt. Thank you Mrs. Ruggiero ajifd all the teachers I had. 
Mark Galpin: Tlianks to all my teachers: especially Mrs. Connolly and Dr. Galo. 

Carin M. Ganz: Thank goodness the ceiling's still together Mom, Dad, Ellen, tlianks for always being there for me. I love 

Keith A. Garland: I give my thanks to my mother, my father, and my two brothers. I give inost thanks to my everlasting 
two Fords. Thank you very much Tami for sticking with me. Roses are red, violets are blue, there ain't nothing iny fords 
can't do. 

Lisa Gay: Thanks to Mom, Dad, Wayne, Melanie, Joshua, Caitlin, Brandcn, Riley & the rest of my family. John (ILY) , 
Hynna, Bob, Adam, Tara, Bev, Moe, Jean, Jill, Shelly, Caroline, Heather, Dan, Nancy, Teriy, & Jay the cheerleaders and all 
those I missed. . .thank you for everything. 

Alexis Gendron: Thanks to my friends, you mean more to me than you know. I'll miSs you guys! Morn-I love yoUj thanks 
for putting up with me! Dad & Sara-thanks for understanding me. Mcr & Cassie-Lou, you'll miss me when I'm Gone! t love 
you all! 

Al Gibson: HB, AL, and the rest of the skinny fat and Johnny of course and Winnie the Pooh just because he is. 
Laura Gillooly: Thank you Mom, Dad, and Kristin for giving me love. Support, and encouragement. Thank you to my 
friends and I hope to stay in touch! 

Em Jly GrifTin: Thanks Trislana-your help was great, good luck with the Swiss. Thanks also lo all my friends: Jen H., 
Loren, Jen A., Katie, and especially Brenda. Tlianks to the cross country -t- track teams, everyone at work and anyone I 
missed a special thanks to Mom + Dad! 

Katie Gunderson: Thanks Mom, Dad, Erik, + Matt for your love. Beck Brenda, Lorcn^ Jen, Em, Joic, Caryn, Gabe, Katie; 
:; and everyone who made me feel like a real Yankee! No thanks lo the yaga slicker thief, pocpic who noticed I say yall and the 
wind chill factor. See ya in Florida! 

Kara Hagan: Thanks so much Mom + Dad for all that you've done for me. Also thaiiks Jon-thc best brother ever, Hannah- 
"doyalale?", Kim, Tracy,-IMU at RR, Gram, the cranes, everyone at Silver Blades + Tony Kent, + my other best friends-you 
know who you are! ILU all! 


Thank Yc)i 

Julie Hallet: Tlianks Mom& Dad, Beth, and Ben, and to everyone who helped me and put up with me all this time, esp. 
Eddie & Meg, and Abby, Jenn (I'm sorry), Marc & Paula (Imiss you), Grelchen (Beaner on?), and Melissa, I love you all and 
I'll never forget you!! 

Elena Hanish: Thanks Mom and Dad! Tlianks to all my good friends, I'm used to you making me laugh, now you're 
making me cry, I wish we never had to say goodbye. Your support and the memeories we've shared I'll never forget. 
P. Nathaniel (Than) Hardy; Thanks to spirit and will to survive. Thanks to my families far and wide. Thanks to my teachers 
who teach the way. Thanks Dyzy, Roland Black-Bull, Yosh, Satow and everyone that has entered (s) my life you are my 

Gabriel Hartnett: Elizabeth, Heather, Mark, Shelly, Tully, Mike, Becky, and Katie, you guys helped make it a blast. 
Thanks track, video crew. Luce + Dirk, tech drawing and sis. Thurston-awesome. E. C. H always Gabrial, 
Shannon Hayes: Obrigadisimo a Eugenia, Pedro, Miguel, Diogo, Luis, Ines + Filipa. I luv u Jen, Beijinhos a B + K-Jess u r 
in my heart-hol: we drink we eat we sleep I luv u -Amy: friends from friends-smarten up Bowen-to all my friendsithanks, I 
luv u Mom, Dad, J, T, + Sean. 

Gary Hedrick: I would like to thank my family, the skinny fat posse. House of Pancakes, Cohasett posse, large regular 
dunky coffees, myself. Miles, Davis, Salvador Dale, Johnny the lizard, P.T.B.D., Joe's the rabbit, Hingham community 
channel, good times, and Welcome Back Kolter. 

Dawn Henderson; Thanx to my Mom, CC, HR, KB, BS, AAB, ST, MM, RA, JD, JZ & DR. Smith for making me feel 
comfortable in a new school. How's the birthday RA, MM, KB, HR, JP, JZ-girl? KB-how v/as your tiip? LBNL-to the "Goof 
Troop" I love you guys 4-cva! 

Beckianne Hersey: Thanx to Mom, Dad, Chris & E! Miss ya T. to all the grandparents, the coveney crew, the Coombes 
family, Kate, Bren, Loren, John, Carin, Joie, Jen & Em, to evcry9one at the Aquarium, Mr, Crowley, Mr, Wonderful. Good 
luck class of '94! Good. . . the times we've had! 

Gretchen Hersey: Tliank you Mom, Dad, Matthew, and Grandma. You have held my hand and led me through life. Let go 
now and let me make you proud. Also, thenk you to Stacy, Nat, the rest of my family, my friends, and "the guys", 
Susannah Hills; Thanks everyone. . . for all the good times and laughter. To my favorite SB+S. . . I love you! SJ-thanks for 
the pizza/SA-couldn't have pufl without you! Mom, Dad, Jon-you've put up with me all these years what can I say? Con- 
gratulations! Luv ya. Good luck '94. 

Emily Hiltz: Thanks everybody in my family I love you. Good luck Chris and John. Thanks to Mr. Thaxter for listening to 
me and having in your class g(xxl luck. Tara hang in there just remember us drinking coffee, smoking butts with 15 kids!!! 
Leah we graduated! 

Joyelle Hirsch; To Mom, Cait, Gram, Bupp and the rest of my family for everything. To Relz, Larry, Julz, Cuz, and Em for 
all the good times. To Jess for all the advice. To Beans and Kurt for all childhood memories. To my second family for putting 
up with me. Thanks! 

Salesia Hughes: First off without god and my family none of this would be possible and wit dat I give crazy shot out to the 
Metco bus Shorty, Shana, Tyc, Yaz, Lisa, (thanx dog) T$, Twan, L, Dizz, DK, Von, FE Reese, Lina, Bcca, MSB, Ki thank 
you: Mrs. Renhquisl, Mr. Low, Mr. Ozug camil. 

Laurie Hunt: Thanks to mother Ren I couldn't have done it without your help. Phone or no phone you guys were always 
their. KL, LK, NV, JD. LB, HP, EH, SS, TC, HC, LM. 1 will never forget all the good times. If I haven't told you lately I 
love you Mom + Rob thanks!!! 

Adam Hurst; Thanks to my family and the class of '94. 

Jennifer Hussey: Thanks Dad, Greg, Mom, Baby and all my friends. I love you all, good luck next year! 
Ashley Iser: Thanks to all of my friends for a great 4 yciirs-never forget the memories. Special thanks to Chrissy & Lissa 
with whom I've shared some incredible experiences. Dad, Mom, Ali, & Adam-thanks for all of the support & encouragement 

Antoine V. Jones: First of all, i would like to thank both my parents and grandparents for all the support they have given 
me. I would also like to give crazy props and shoolouts to the Metco bus. DJ, DK, LC, Sall-e, NW, TM, YH, GL, LA, LS, 
SO,AT, SB, SW, and Mrs. Roundtree. 

Joie Kaminaga: Thanks to Mom + Dad, Rusy, Nelto, and other family members. A special Komol tata" To Likkin + Frank 
and also to Caryn, Beck, Kate, Jen, Loren, Bren and Heather. I had fun and good luck! 

Liz Keegan: Thanks for the gocxl times! It sounds so sad. It's a short way of remembering the good times we had. All the 
laughs and all the tears. Always wondering, who stole the beer? These are the times I'll never forget. Thanx Mom-I love you. 
Lucas Kimball; I would like to thank Mr. Giuland, Mr. Higgins, Rev. Bob, Mr. Bungle Shaft, all my friends and most of all 
my family for tlieir instruction, supjx)rl, and caring throughout my four years in high school. 



Thank You 

Abigail Klima: I only survived because of the people that loved, understood, and believed in mc. Thank you. 

Elizabeth Larson: Jamie thanx for bieng so good to me. Thank you to all my friends. Its been real: Danielle, Kate, Heather, 
; Lunn, Liz, Allison, Laura, Jess, Suz, will, Bryan + Bryan, Carlton, Daves, Eileen, Lyndsay you all lule! 

Albert Lash: Thanks: KC, LD, YM, KC, VS. 

Eileen Lavey: Your family is the best team you can be on-Thanks Mom, Dad, Bridget, + esp. Maura! I miss you TA! To my 

2nd Mom/Mrs. D-Thanks for all the advice you gave mc, Mr. D-Thanks for tiie BBQ chicken + all the fires! To all 

myfriends-you guys are the best! 

Jessica A. Layin: Thank you Mom, Dad, and Bill, J love you! Also Suzanne, Shannon, Jen, Rich, and Becky, Tricia, Beth, 

JennL., Greg, Liz (all), Hilary, Elena, the Troys, the Dannemanns, Ginny and my grandparents. Nana I miss you. Psalm 99:9 

, . . for thelord our god is holy. 

Katy Leahy: There's too many to thank so thanks & good luck to all my friends. To Brew Crew: Happy today, Sober 

tomoiTOw. Thanks Kerri good luck with cool guys. Thanks Mom, Dad, Mrs. Luce & Mrs. R. (A/K) for mot listening to 

CKDS. Thanks Tim. 

Laura LeClair: True friends are hard to find-l'm lucky I found you guys-I'll always remember you & the times we've 

shared. Special thanks to my lamily-I really do love you Eric & Kate-Mom & Dad thanks for these 17 yrs,-Thanks Mom for 

listening & Dad-guess what-I'm happy! 

Kimberly Linscott: P. G. I made it! J. R . 15 yrs! Thans 4 being there C. A. Mo I'm confused Tf, JO, JR, CD, BM, NF, 

LG, SA, MM. . . Hold on to the memories thanx Mrs. H., Ms. M., Ms. G., Ms. E., & ti Ms. Anderson. Thanx MG for being 

there when I needed you the most. Go(xl luck class of '95. 

Gaensly Luceus: Thanks Mom, Dad and my whole family who supported me. I want to say whar up to everyone who I was 

cool with. I also want to .say what up to all the girls 1 wanted to chill with. Shout out to the Metco bus!! Peace you all will be 

in my memories. 

Ryan J. Lynch: Thank you Mom, Dad, Kevin, Justin, and Hilary. Tlianks also to the McCourts, Eddie, Martha, Justin, and 

Michael, Everyone in the class of '94, especially Jamie and Eric, thanks alot. 

Calder T. MacMullen: I thank you Mom, Dad, Chris, Michael, Tim, Bob D., Derri, Dave P., Matt, Joel, Dennis, Stacey and 

all of the others who put up with me for so long. I'd also like to thank all of the others in the hall. Most of all I'd like to thank 

JG for helping me. 

Allsun Madigan: A friend is there before yo know it to lend a hiuid before you ask for it and gives you love just when you 

need it most. KS-you could die tommorow. ES-I can't believe it. KS + JB + JM= Queersie bang. Baseball whoot! Whoot! 

Thank you DKS. Congratulations class of '94. 

Maureen Magnussen: Thanx Mom, Grcg, Barb, Eric, Mike, Nancy, Mikey, Kristin, Marv, John, Caitlin, Meg, Kevin, 

Mark, Chris, Rie, My twin + Ixist friend Kim, thanx for the best summer Kerry, Jyll, Tray, and the rest of the A. guys. Thanx 

Jamie S. + Joe T. 9-10-93. Good luck John G. and Sue R. 
" Megan Maloney: Mom, Dad, Bryan, Alyssa, and Nana-I luv u-u've always been there when I needed u most. Thanks Libs, 

Em + Jill-o pixy-W4BMBF-drivebys-JB93 dolphins-Friday nites-which way? 33 have u ever-tomatoes." Tliere is no friend 

like an old friend" Thanks 4 the memories. 

Lora Marcella: Thank you to my friends + family for making me who I am today! Where to Julie, Danielle, Joyelle, Em, 

Kel, MegLyn, Joe, Lisa, Dean, Mighty Duck + the guys! Meg + Mark (hanks for the childhood memories. I couldn't of done 

it without you Mom, Dad, Anthony + TC I love you! 

Michael T. Martin: Special thanks to my family, Mom.Dad, and Katie for being there for me. Also thanks to my friends 

for the great times and good memories. 

Bev Mather: Thank you Mom, Dad, Mel, David, Jean, Nat, Lisa, Jill, Shelly, Moe, Sue, Red, The squad, Kay-no matter 

how far apart we never lost touch, please don't now. Tee-for evcrything-don't let the memories die. Jeff-for never being just 

my boyfriend. I love you. 

Julie Matthews: Mom, Dad, thanx 4 your support. FraJi I couldn't have done it w/o you, ILU! Jess, you're awesome. Good 

friends are hard 2 find, hard 2 leave + impossible 2 4-get. Sarah, Lauren, Sara, Jen, Bob, Jay, Steve, Rus, Chuck, Tad, Grant, 

Kim. NMH! Faff I love you guys!!! 

Joe Mazurek: I would like to thank my parents, Mr. Ozug, Mr. Pcx)l, Mr. Bales, Mr. Baisden, Mr. Boddie, Mr. Johnson, and 

Mr. Kircaldy for making my classes alot of fun and teaching mc skills 1 will need in tlie future. 1 would also like to thank my 

brother for P.U.W.M..S. 

Loren McAllister: Thanks to Mom + Dad, Jen, Bcckm Em, Red, Brcn Mur, Cai7n, Joie, Kris, Track + Music people, and 

aanyone else I forgot. Best of luck next year! 


Alison R. McCabe: Thanks Mom& Dad, I couldn't have done it without you, thanks Bri (I'll beat you at thumb war soon 
enough), good luck Dave, you're on your own. To my friends, you guys are the best, thahx for being there. I'll miss you all. 
Good luck class of '94 ! G'bye HHS . ; . ,■ ■ . , , , 

Tammy McCracken: Thanks Mom, Dad, Lisa, Eric, and Casey! Keith thanks for always l>eing there for me! Bob, Tony, 
Will, Andy, Joe, Nick. Thanks for evei7thing, i will never forget you guys. Fords rock Chevy's. 

David McHardy: I would like to thank Mom, Dad, Cindy B., Kelly F., and God. Plus both ny brothers and BB for listening 
to me. I'd like to thank the Skinny Fat Possy and the House of Funk. 

Conor McLaughlin: ThanksMikeM., Marc R., Adam R., Jen C.,Mju"cD., Gary H., Paul M.,BronwenD., Megan M., 
MelissaL., Al G., Chris R., Mike W., Tony M., Dad D. Thanks to Sarah Bowers 1 would never have made it without you. 
Emily McMorrow: To all my friends and family, esp. to my Mom, I;m proud of you! M6g WYBMBF. Thanks for the 
showers guys. Give 'cm what they want- 10km BON 177393 I will now talk to the . . .Excuse me sir33, Margaritavillc-JB 
leach-and if you slop!. Baby won't u drive my car-EE. 

Kelly McPherson: To my Mom & Dad, Kris, Kas, & Will for always being there, to all mt friends especially Joyelle & 
Nagle for all the good times, to Adam for making me strong, THANK YOU! I love you guys! 
Steve Melia: Thanks Dad, Mom, and Em and (hanks to all my fircnds. 

Jen Melkonian: Thanks (o all my friends and family for your love and support! To my Veiy bcsl friends thanks for you help 
and advice over the years. 

Monica Mendes: Mom, Dad thanks for your support and love. Good luck Derek, I wish you Ihc bcsl. Thank you Heather, 
Hilary, Ricky, Maria, Djoi, Adcllc, Jo.scph, Hap, Taisha, Susan, Gina, Sean, Shelly,, Natalie, Jean, Jen, Calvin, Beni, 
Jessica, God, Mr. Buckley and relay (cam love you all. 

Chris Millburg: "Never live life for what may happen but live it for what could be" "Only yesterday wc souldn't walk and 
now we only need help once in a while" To my family sec ya at home Jo my present friends sec ya and lo my future friends 

Melissa Mills: Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, My "BIG!" brother Brad, and willoughby-l'm going to miss you-keep in 
touch, and good luck! HHS thanks for 4 great years! A special thanks to: Nonic-all my love(M&M's rule), & Dr. Waltori. 
Tony Misdea: Thanks Mom, Dad, FLC, Grandpa rest in peace. Grandma, Uncle Tony, TMA, Vinny, Gina, Nino, arid the 
rest of the MG family. Special thanks to the BOSS OJ without him it wouldn't happen. Ex. thanks FDC 2, PJE, Stoges JG, 
JP, DNB, FS, PF, AF, Joe, AL and Rob. 

Anthony Modano: Thanx lo my parents,Emily, Carey, Crissy, and the rest of the children thanx Doug, Mike, Thari, Scott, 
Ryan, Ber, Jonathan, Karen, and Grace and finally Mrs. Luce, Mr. Higgans, Mr. Lacaielle and Mr. Bates. 
Lisa Monticone: Mom, Dad, Danielle, Steph, Andrew, all my friends-yoii guys know who you are, thanx for the memories, 
I'll never forget you guys. Connollys'-Thanx so much. Good luck class of '94. 

Paul Morey: Mom, Dad, Laurie CM, Hingham Cohasset posse. Skinny fat all my firends (yes, you are included) building , 
All the Dunkin Donuts on ciuth. People who cut my hair. The Fruit Center. Johnny f(X)d music, water, people who listen, 
people who know mcgamouth. 

Vicki Moss: Mom and Dad for your love and support ILU, Robin your the bcsl sister I could ever have. AH of my favorite 
friends especially Tiff for being there, Julie, Libberoni, Allison my workcamp buddy, Emily, Molly and Kirsten. 
Jean O'Brien: Tliank you to my family-Mom, Dad, Chrissy, ann, Jiike, and Ginger. You're the best. Also, thank you to 
Nat, Jill, Tee, Tara, Bcv, Lisa, Shelly, The squad, Jess, Jenn, Maureen, Monica, Kim, GH, Mp, SR, KK^ LD, BS, JC, and GB; 
I love you all! 

Heather Ohman: I would exceed the given space if I individualy thanked everyone who has hcli^cd me or influenced tnc in 
some way during my very memorable four years here. So I would Uke to say thank you to all of you, you know who you are. 

Mark Osier: Thanx for all ihc fun limes and laughs: Danicic, Pedro, Lissa, Gigi, Melia, Pete C, Twcely, Heather, Jen, Red, 
Jay, Erin, Mom and Dad. A sick mind is a terrible thing lo waste. Thanks for the rides Judith! 
Christine Ostrowski: Thanks so much to all my friends for 4 great years / Lis&Ash-tlianks for all the memories and 
support-never forget ihc awesome limes/ Annie-sunny days. Mom, Dad, & Steve-I never could have made it w/o you. All 
the hard work finally paid off-G&GMMSTRW. 

Ryan Overbeck: Thanks to: Joe, Frank, Joe Mama, the people who I like, the people who I don't like, Kim Zmeskal,Mrs. 
Tiemey, Corrugated Recycling, Inc., TI-82v Jeane Dixon; OJ, and shaft, Yassir Arafat^ and most of. 
Brooks Parker: Mom and Dad thanx for being so supportive! Cole good luck in (he future years and Chrestian. . . CON- 



Thank You 

Hilary Parsons; Thanx cverylxxly lor helping me througli the past 4-years! especially to my friends. Mom, Dad, Heath, and 

Clark. I love you and don't think I could have made it without you! 

Michael E. Perreault: Thanks to Brendan TuHy, Taras 1+2, all members of the running teams, Thurston, Nat, Shelly, Jill, 

Jean, Jen, Loren, Katie, Dave, Steven, Joe, Kurt, Hilary, Steven King, Walt Disney, Dr. Suess, Nike, Asics, Toyota, Crayola, 

Mom, Dad, Luck, Me, Myself, and I!! : 

Kerri Piatt: Thanx to my friends 1 couldn't have made it without youl JM + MC thanx for listening. To all my family thanks 

for putting up with me. Mom and Dad I love you. Mom thanks for being my friend. Mike i hope you realize I love you. 

Stay yourself! Good luck. Miss ya. 

John Pollick: Thanks-Mom, Dad, Julz, Nanny, Gramom, The whole gang from PA., love you all. Jamie, McGoo, Scott, the 

Jordans, Tom, Pete, Greg, Stino, Bob, Phantom, Taylor, The Santacroccs, McGonagles, Agoslinls, Lewis', Mr. Kuleza. 

Jimmy, Stevie, Eddie, Albert, Flea, Kiddy + Philly. 

Lora Rancourt: Dad + Mom you've taught me so much you'll never realize, I love you. Amy thanks for being there. Clair- 

good luck. Once in a while you find a friend who'U Ix; a friend forever.-l found out who they were-Thanks, Can't forget the 

guys of '94 esp. Scotty. 

Conny Rasmussen: Thanks to all my friends and special thanks to my lamily at home and thanks to my family here in USA, 

You are great . Some day I will come back and see all of you to meet and separate is lifes way. But we don't have to forget 

each other. 

Marc Z. Regan: Thanx AG AL DB AD PM Rati LA thank you Chris for giving me the Monte. Thanks and sorry Mom + 

Dad for putting you guys through hell, JS pretty cool Feb. Vacation. CM MW MM, TY MB Pish was great. Shadrack 

mission with the heddys. Thanx to all my buds!! 

Caitlin Reilly: Thanks to all my family I love you all. Thanks to my friends you know who you are. Thanks to all my 

teachers for all the support you've given me. Thanks MomT love you. 

Tara Ricketts: Thanks, Ma and Pops for everything you've done for me. Thanks Bobby for everything. Mike your the best! 

Thanks to the Zona family for making me part of the fam. Especially JoAnn who I wouldn't have fone it without. I love you 


Jennifer L. Ross: Thank you Dad, Mom, DJ, Kris, Nana, Yaya, Joe, Ginny, Jane, and the rest of my family, Kate, Julie, 

Libby, Meg, Caroline, Jean, Nat, Jill, Jess, Kim, Mike, Joe, Bev, Tara, RA, all my teachers, and anyone I have forgotten. I 

love you all forever. 

Jessica Ryan: Thank you Mom and Dad for always believing in me. Keith-thanks for being a good friend. Thank you: 

Kim, Fran, Natalie, Jill, Jenn, Tee, Moe, Monica, Bev, Lisa. I love you all. 

Jill Ryan: Thanks-Mom, God, Pat, Mimi, Dad, Nikki, Debi, Fran, Natalie, Tee, Lisa, Jess, Bev, Jenn, Joe, Tara, Shelly, Sue, 

Mike, Philipe, Gaston and the cheerleaders. Keep in touch; I love you all! 

Anne Ryberg: Thanks to all of my family and friends. Mom, as the river flows, you're excellent. Dad, old buddy, old pal, 

he's the BHDIEDK. Christine, you're the best sister ITWUISIF. You're a real pal, Suzanne. Sunny days, Chrissy. Liz, he's 

too skinny! I love you guys. 

Matthew R. Sanocki: Thanks to Mils Davis, Phish, wes, John Collrane, S. Rollins, Fi.shbone, P. Townshend, C. Santana, C, 

Parker, Mr. Tireds, James Brown, RHCP, SKA, funk, jazz, fusion, the Lampoon, Naked Yannis, Hawgs, Gahge, the Dude of 

Life, Mom, the Beez, Mulachuck! 

James Santacroce: Thanks Naked Jake, Battle, Gungala, Canoes, Woods, McDs, Fabuloso, Alg 2, Fatties, and friends. 

Love you all! John, Jules, Mike, Erica, Bryan, Pete, Bob, Sarah, Snoops, Taylor and the last but no least! McGoo! -Especially 

Mr. + Mrs. S:P, Mr. -f- Mrs. McG. Julie, Mom, Dad, thanks. 

Kimberly A. Scroll: I'd like to thank my friends for the memories, the staff for their hard work and dedication, my Mom, 

Dad, brother Scott and sister Lauren for their endless love and support. Where and who would I be without all of you? I love 


Sarah Servetnick: In each friend we lose a part of ourselves.- - - Thanks to all my friends for the memories. I'll miss you 

guys! Thanks to family for all you support. 

Amy-Marie Smith: Thanks to: Ms. Walker, for all the Science; Mr. Tuerck, for teaching more than music & Lisa Liu for 

the letters! SHMERG to all from theoiy & CC, ST, MW, KH, JB, SKL, SP, JN, AH, KL, DW, WS: Thanks for being - 

friends, and lots of thanks to Mom, Dad & Li/! 

Jeremy Snyder: Thanks to the family and XF, ZY, QP.FN, NO, LF. ET. IH, OP, EL, IF, EL, SN, TA, BL, GJ, OK, EB, EC, 

AU, SE, ID, ON, TG, ET, IT. And thank you Madonna and Andy couldn't have done it without you. 

Eric D. Soule: I would like to thank all my teachers and friends for giving me guidance over the years. I would also like to 

give a special gratitude to Mom, Dad, and Kristy. 


Thank You 

Erica Spruiil: Thank you Mom, Dad and Benjamin. I love you. Tliank you Hilary, Signc, Lisa, Allsun, jenn, and Jamie, for 
being such good friends, Also, a special thanks lo Libby and Lisa Kerr, My oldest Friends, who have always been there for 

Suzanne Stonehouse: Thanks a million: Mom, Dad, Jill, Jerry, Nana, Beeps, Kathy & family, all my best friends-especially 
Anne and Dave, You are the ones who ten years down the road I will continue lo come to when I need a friend. Good luck 
Jill-rU always be there for you. 

Mark Thurston: I'd like to thank Gabe, Mike, Gary, Shelly, Heather (even though you're socialist), Marc, and my 
homeroom for an awesome senior year. I hope you all go on to bigger and better things, but if not, too bad! Thanx again, see 
ya later. 

Brendan S. Tully: Thanks to the Cross CounUy team, LSD. . .AH the way. . .Shake 'n' Bake. Rizzo. . .Sully. , .Caroline. . 
.Sin Nookie, . .Mike P. , .Jazz Band. , . Track, . . Pat'n Max. . .Jeremy B. . .My Teachers. , .my Mom, . .My Dad, . .and 
everyone else who stood by me! 

Katie Valas: Thank you Mom, Dad + my family! Good luck Meghan and Jenn. Brian thank you for all you've done for me! 
Thanks to the class of 1994, my teachers and friends. There are too many things to list. 

Nicky Vesey: Brew Crew: LK, KL, HC, LM, LH, JD, DD, DE, AD-Thks guys for all the go(xl times! I'll miss u guys! Thks 
guys of '94. (GD LCK JL) Spcl thks ML. Thanks Mom and Dad for everything. Thks B + J. Good luck Rich. 
Yuhan Vevaina: I would like to thank my family, friends, god and most importantly the academy. . .whoops! 
Gretchen E. Vogel: Thanx: Mom + Dad for providing me support-I know you tried your best-U for always being there 
(Frick + Frack may never come back) You will always be my bestcst friend! Thank you Rich for looking out for me-1 love 
you! Thanx to everyone else for the great times-Drink on me! (EL + DC). 

Tiffany Villani: Thank you Mom and Dad for all of your love and support, and encouragement, I couldn't have made it 
without you! Thanks to all my friends especially Molly, Vicki, and Kirsten for always being there! 

Jennifer L, Watson: Thanks Mum & Dad for getting me to the states. The Mehegan family thank you for everything, I'll be 
forever grateful. Conny, Julio, and all the friends 1 made this year, AFS, HHS thanks for the best year of my life, I'll miss 
you all, 

Mark Wechsler: Thanks Kirk, Mr. Dirk, Mrs, Luce, Thanks to my friends. Thanks Dad, for always being proud of me. 
God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. 
Molly Wehter: Thanks Mom and Dad for all your support! Thanks Kerry, Sara, + Tracy for all your help, you guys are 
great. Thanks to the Wednesday Night Crew. Thanks Leigh your a great friend. Thanks to all my friends especially Tiffany 
for always being there, your the best friend anyone could have, and Vicki and Kirsten you guys are the best. 
John Winnie: Thanks to: Mom, Dad, Mr. J, Mr. Boddie, Mr, Bliss, Mike, Phantom, Jamie P., John P., Taylor, Water skiing 
at the cottage, Mike M. 

^jCirsten Wohlgemuth: Thanks again to all my friends. Good luck! Thank you Mom, Dad, Mark, Nana, Nana, Papa, Joanne, 
Dennis, Chris, Kim, Matt, Joan, Tom, Shan, Joe, Janet, Jen, Jill, Jake, Mary, John, Pat, Cecilia, Chach, Kimball, Ally, Jess, 
PJoe, Frank and Elenor. 

JoAnn Zona: Thajiks to Mom, Dad, Cheryl, Eric, Karen, Mike, Diann, Nana, Papa, Sharon, M + D Ricketts. I love you! 
To all my teachers who pushed me because they knew I could do it. 




Robert Achille 
Christina Agostino 
Justin Amaral 
Steven Anderson 
Eric Augur 
Christie Baldacchino 
Elizabeth Barry 
Renee Bellew 
Julie Berman 
Michael Bongiomo 
Lester Brackley 
Jennifer Brown 
Jennifer Callaghan 
Libby Callahan 
Christopher Cappella 
Peter Carpenter 
Dawn Cleverly 
Joseph Colclough 
Kathleen Connolly 
Michael Conway 
Randall L. Cowgill 
Caroline David 
Signe Dewaltoff 
Sara Donlan 
Mark P. Drexel 
Dana Dunlap 
Jennifer Durgin 
Douglas Eifert 
Lynica Emanuello 
Matthew Fahie 
Brenda Fitzpatrick 
Robert Raherty 
Grant Flynn 

153 Hobart Street 

8 Spruce Street 

2 Wood Bine Lane 

3 Sunset Lane 

7 Evergreen Lane 
178 Fort Hill Street 
83 Lazell Street 
35 Elmore Road 
5 Michael Road 
53 Rhodes Circle 
178 North Street 
22 Longmeadow Road 
231 Lincoln Street 
49 Foley Beach Road 
32 Eldridge Court 

5 Paul Revere Road 
518 Main Street 

11 Patriots Way 
29 Bel Air Road 

37 Lyndon Road 
166 Justice Cushing 
47 Foley Beach Road 
340 Main Street 

1 1 Pioneer Road 
2002 Hockley Drive 
2 Camelot Drive 

6 Stonegate Lane 

1 Golf View Drive 

9 Ash Street 

117 Fort Hill Street 

38 Park View Drive 
13 Rhodes Place 

6 Polk Road 

Rachael Marie Achille 
Michael Agostino 
John Anderson 
Shelly Arkell 
Steven Baker 
Anthony Barbuto 
Christopher Bartolotti 
Nicole Belushko 
Sarah Blowers 
David Boretti 
Caryn Brooks 
Thomas Buba 
Heather Callahan 
Allison Campbell 
Melissa Carpenter 
Joel Ciovacco 
Hilary Colantonio 
William Collins 
Megan Connolly 
Patricia Costello 
Timothy Cronin 
Danielle Delmonico 
Sherrill DiGiusto 
Allison Doyle 
Jeremiah Duff 
Christina Dunn 
Sarah Edson 
Deborah Elsden 
Richard Emery 
Heather Finlay 
Daniele Flaherty 
Edward Fleming 
Natalie Hynn 

25 Bulow Road 
209 Leavitt Street 

13 Governor Andrew Rd. 
138 Wompatuck Road 
20 Brewster Road 
33 Pine Street 

26 Summit Drive 
160 Hersey Street 
174 North Street 
20 Hazelwood Drive 
52 A Canterbury Street 
30 Park Circle 

61 Garrison Road 

3 Devon Terrace 

10 Belair Drive 
15 Howe Street 
223 North Street 
24 Marion Street 

44 Planters Field Lane 
494 Cushing Street 
46 Burr Road 
125 Prospect Street 
13 Sunset Lane 
12 Pine Grove Road 
390 East Street 

11 Burtons Lane 
176 Main Street 
102 High Street 
17 Bulow Road 
41 Hobart Street 
532 Main Street 

4 Hoover Road 

41 Harbor View Drive 


Tara Foster 
Jonathan Frucci 
Carin Ganz 
Lisa Gay 
Albert Gibson 
Emily Griffin 
Elena Hanish 
Nathaniel Hardy 
Shannon L, Hayes 
Beckianne Hersey 
Jacob Higgins 
Emily Hiltz 
Laurie Hunt 
Jennifer Hussey 
Joie Kaminaga 
Elizabeth Keegan 
Abigail Klima 
Elizabeth Larson 
Eileen Lavey 
Kathleen Leahy 
Laura LeClair 
Kimberly Linscott 
Calder MacMullen 
Maureen Magnussen 
Megan Maloney 
Michael Martin 
Julie Matthews 
Loren McAllister 
Tami McCracken 
Conor McLaughlin 
Kelly McPherson 
Jennifer Melkonian 
Christopher Millburg 
Antonio Misdea 
Lisa Monticone 

1 White Horse Road 
10 Village Lane 
22 Winthrop Road 
122 Hersey Street 
3 Peter Hobart Drive 
36 Park Circle 

1 Tudor Place 
6 Kress Farm 
154 Union Street 
26 Farm Hills Lane 

115 Hersey Street 
35 Smith Road 
22A Clifford Court 
119 Thaxter Street 
39 Highview Drive 

54 A Canterbury Street 
6 Berkley Circle 
679 Main Street 
185 Prospect Street 
32 Bulow Road 
25 Merrymount Road 
1036 Main Street 
178 Hersey Su-eet 
193 Hersey Street 

2 King Philip Path 

116 High Street 
35 Hersey Street 
17 Harvard Drive 

17 Harbor View Drive 
8 Bulow Road 
10 Richard Road 
44 Kimball Beach 

3 Richard Road 
17 Surry Road 

8 Pinecrest Road 
3 Stonegate Lane 

Craig Friedland 
Mark Galpin 
Keith Garland 
Alexis Gendron 
Laura Gillooly 
Kathryn Gunderson 
Julia Hallett 
Jason Hanrahan 
Gabrial Harmett 
Gary Hedrick 
Gretchen Hersey 
Susannah Hills 
Joyelle Hirsch 
Adam Hurst 
Ashley Iser 
Marc Keating 
Joseph Kidston 
Derek Kulesza 
Albert Lash 
Jessica Lavin 
Kevin Leary 
Eve Liberty 
Ryan J. Lynch 
Allsun Madigan 
John Mahoney 
Lora Marcella 
Beverly Mather 
Joseph Mazurek 
Alison McCabe 
David McHardy 
Emily McMorrow 
Stephen Melia 
Monica Mendes 
Melissa Mills 
Anthony Modano 
Paul Morey 

24 Harvard Drive 

7 Causeway Road 
515 Main Street 

6 Weir River Lane 
39 Turkey Hill Lane 

56 Elm Street 
13 Forest Lane 
89 Gardner Street 

8 New Bridge Street 
10 Queen Anne Lane 
67 High Street 

132 South Street 
36 Spring Street 

3 Queen Anne Lane 

4 Mann Street 

7 Stonegate Lane 
4 Andrews Isle 

3 Paolo Road 
12 Pilgrim Street 
26 Delprete Drive 

8 Talbot Road 
32 Park Circle 

2 Summit Drive 

4 Paul Revere Road 
15 Williams Street 

59 Kimball Beach Road 
34 Volusia Road 
30 Lincoln Street 
34 Cross Street 

9 Rhodes Place 
84 Elm Street 

57 Ward Street 
21 Butler Road 
4 Melody Lane 
69 Bel Air Road 


Victoria Moss 
Heather Ohman 
Marie Osier 
Ryan Overbeck 
Hilary Parsons 
Michael Perreault 
John Pollick 
Lora Rancourt 
Marc Regan 
Jennifer Ross 
Jill Ryan 
Matthew Sanocki 
Kimberly SeroU 
Amy Smith 
Eric Soule 
Suzanne Stonehouse 
Holly Tatreau 
Brendan Tully 
Nicole Vesey 
Tiffany Villani 
Mark Wechsler 
Kirsten Wohlgemuth 

39 Downing Street 

10 Carleton Road 
7 Williams Street 
112 Martins Lane 

11 Hoover Road 
6 Brewster Road 
27 Woodlock Road 
24 Rockwood Road 
123 Whiting Street 
15 Malcolm Street 
4 Rhodes Circle. 
Ill East Street 

31 Cedar Street 
33 Park Circle 
14 Saw Mill Pond 
4 Rocky Run 
187 Union Street 

41 School Street 

9 Golf View Drive 
80 Pleasant Street 
64 Bradley Hill Road 

42 Fairview Street 
14 Old County Road 

Jean O'Brien 
Michael Olsen 
Christine Ostrowski 
Brooks Parker 
Brendon Peak 
Kerri Piatt 
Gregory Porter 
Adam Reed 
Caitlin Reilly 
Jessica Ryan 
Anne Ryberg 
James Santacroce 
Sarah Servetnick 
Jeremy Snyder 
Erica Spruill 
Mark Sullivan 
Mark Thurston 
Katherine Valas 
Yuhan Vevaina 
Gretchen Vogel 
Molly Wehter 
John Winnie 
Joann Zona 

139 Justice Gushing 
16 Hayes Road 
4 East Street 
6 Cutter Hill Road 
1 Southgate Lane 
68 School Street 

9 Summit Drive 
30 Butler Road 
191 South Su-eet 

173 Hersey Street 
3 Oakcrest Road 
290 High Street 
22 Stanford Drive 
218 Leavitt Street 
6 Popes Lane 

8 Malcolm Street 
1 Loring Hill Road 
383 Main Street 
8E Beals Cove Road 
518 Main Street 

10 High view Drive 
222 S. Pleasant Street 

174 Leavitt Street 


Lionel Busschaert 

Avenue Clays N® 76 
Belgium 7030 

Antoine Jones 

100 Gladeside Ave. 
Mattapan, MA 02126 

Julio Caraballo 

C/Dr. Delgade#201, 
Gazcue, Santo Domingo, 
Dominican Republic 

Gaensly Luceus 

6 Lexington Ave 
Hyde Park, MA 02136 

Conny Rasmussen 

Box 1009 

3911 Sisimiut 
Kalaallit Nunaat 
Salesia Hughes 
145 A Grew Ave. 
Roslindale, MA 02193 

Jennifer Watson 

16 Stuart Place 
Nambour Qld, 
Australia 4560 

Tara Ricketts 

68 Southern Ave. 
Weymouth, MA 02189 



.A- .nc^Jt. 

Juijc 4, 1994 



■Hi ST. C^l.k.^2. 

JUN 27 1994 ~ 
For Reference 

Not to be taken 
from this library